Creator-generated content on tap. Ask and receive.

Web content, email content, ad content, and promotion content. Whatever your content marketing needs are, Trend’s creatorss can help you generate content that converts.

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Generate content for all brand channels and touchpoints

Master omni-channel marketing with content generated by creators. Our creators give you the content you need to keep delivering fresh, engaging content to your audience. All of the content Trend creators produce is fully-licensed so it’s ready for any channel.
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Social Content
Take creator-generated content and repost it on your social account. By keeping the content coming on social, you’re giving your brand the best chance of growing an audience.
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Web Content
Reuse the content you receive from creators on your website. This is great for product photos, home pages, and even blog posts.
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Email Content
Keep the email campaigns coming. With our creator-generated content, you never have to worry about the images on your email becoming stale or repetitive.
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Ad Content
See your ad campaigns explode by reusing content for ads. User-generated content performs better than professionally generated content.
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Tap into our creator network to run a quick campaign for a promotion you’re going to launch. Our creators can help you get the content you need for any specials or new.
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Generate content for all brand channels and touchpoints

No more worrying about how to acquire content. With Trend, our creators produce all of your content. All you have to do is choose where to use it.

Generate the exact amount of content you need

Most databases charge a hefty subscription fee. With Trend, Mizzen + Main was able to pay for just the content they needed.
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Trend puts you in the director’s seat — so you get the effective creator content you need

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Set campaign requirements
“I need 1 flatlay and 1 portrait photo with the product”
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Message with creators
Never hunt down outstanding payments again
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Approve creators to work with
Remember, they pitch YOU, so the choice is yours
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Track product shipments
Get paid to build your personal brand
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Approve posts
Manage everything from your phone
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Track campaign results in real-time
Get more cash with each post you make
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Content management portal
Manage freshly generated photos, videos, and stories all in one place.
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Automate campaign followup
Let the system help each post go live
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Brands are buzzing about us

"Creator Marketing Game Changer"

The time and resources saved by searching and vetting out creators is phenomenal. I’ve cut hours of work out of this process by using Trend. Creators come to you vs. searching for them organically.

- Samantha M
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Unlock user-generated content through creator-generated content

Conversations are key to generating brand buzz. By using creator-generated content, you control the narrative and start creating those conversations.
Those conversations lead to other consumers and product users mentioning your brand. That leads to user-generated content, which gives you even more content.

Trend’s influencer marketing platform can help your brand reach any goal

Increase Sales

See how Trend’s influencer network can help you blow up your ROI. Use our content on social, web, email, ads, and promotions. Sit back and watch the impact made across the board.

Generate Brand Buzz

Make brand buzz scalable with Trend’s industry-leading credit pricing model. No software fees or monthly contracts. Just pay for the posts you need, rinse, and repeat.

Improve Engagement Rates

Quickly engage new and returning audiences with influencer-generated content. Micro-influencers tend to have better engagement rates than macro-influencers. We give you the tools to tap into this market efficiency.