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No more waiting on creators to get back to you. After you create a listing, our hand-selected creators will apply to work with you. This way you know they’re interested in your brand and the message they deliver to their audience will be genuine.

Find & connect with powerful creators
Build your pro creator team from a curated group of the best content creators in the world. Our invite-only network regularly outperforms creator databases (and it’s way less work on your end)
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Easily download HD versions of your new content to repurpose for all your marketing, sales, and advertising needs. How bow dah!
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Less effort finding and managing creators, better product tracking, and helpful analytics
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“Trend allows us to always have a fresh stack of creative content to use across our website, social accounts, and ads. Thecreaators are a pleasure to work with and always find ways to surprise us with what they come up with.”
Daina Slekys Trout
CEO Health Ade Kombucha

Our invite-only network outperforms creator databases

Creator databases are not curated networks. Unlike databases, We don’t randomly scrape creators contact info from the web. We form real relationships with our creators. This philosophy allows us to guarantee that brands and creators will form great partnerships through Trend.

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Trend pays creators so brands don’t have to

Don’t spend another second negotiating fees and scope. Trend takes care of compensating all of our creators, so all you need to do is select who you want to work with and ship out products.

How does an endless supply of content sound?

Trend helped Health-Ade Kombucha create and endless content supply they were able to use on their websites, emails, ads, social accounts, and promotions.

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Did we mention they generated 1.6 million impressions?

We’ve taken our time to build a network of creators the right way.

Whoever you work with on Trend is 100% guaranteed to create content with care.

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Make brand buzz scalable with Trend’s industry-leading credit pricing model. No software fees or monthly contracts. Just pay for the posts you need, rinse, and repeat.

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Quickly engage new and returning audiences with influencer-generated content. Micro-influencers tend to have better engagement rates than macro-influencers. We give you the tools to tap into this market efficiency.