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End of Year Content Package

This pack includes:
asset breakdown: - 10 product photos (level 3) - 15 lifestyle photos (level 2) - 6 product in use videos (level 2) - 6 video testimonials (level 2) 7-day turnaround perpetual licensing rights included

The end of the year is here and it's time to crush those holiday goals. This content package provides you with the right set of product photography, lifestyle photos, product-in-use videos, &video testimonials to get your business through the end of the year. It includes enough content to update your website and fuel your paid social channels to dominate Q4.


Do I need a certain amount of followers to join Trend?
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No. You might not even have social media and that’s totally fine. All you have to do is shoot content to get paid.

Do I have to post on social channels?
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No. All you have to do is upload the content to the Trend platform.

Do I have to pay to join?
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No, Trend is 100% free for creators.

How do I find gigs?
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You choose the projects from brands that align with your personal aesthetic and apply for those partnerships. Every day the iOS app is updated with new partnerships. Only work with brands you want to!

What kind of gigs can I find on Trend?
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Photo and video jobs are our forte. Product photography, lifestyle photos, product in action videos, unboxing videos, testimonial videos, portrait style photos. All content that ecommerce brands can leverage.

Do I get to choose the products I shoot for?
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Yes, through Trend you can select and apply to campaigns/products which you believe you are best suited for your personal style.

How much will I earn?
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You will earn however much you put in. Some creators earn hundreds in a month, others thousands. If you're driven to make this work we encourage you to keep in close contact with your creator success manager to guarantee success.

When do I get paid for my work?
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Payment is dropped immediately into your Paypal account as soon as your content is approved by the brands. No longer do you have to invoice and pester brands to get the money you deserve.

Can I shoot this content from my house or do I have to go to shoots?
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You don't have to go out of your way to shoot content for Trend. If your thing is to go hiking, pack up your bag with products you received through Trend and shoot content while you do what you love to do most. You don’t have to physically go to any “shoot”.

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