Trend vs. AspireIQ

There’s plenty of influencer platforms out there - AspireIQ is one of them. How do you know which one is right for you?

Here at Trend, we believe in transparency and helping brands make the best decision possible for their business. We are also confident in the value of our platform and don’t hesitate from comparing it to others in the industry - again, we want to help you make the best decision possible.

Below you’ll find a detailed breakdown of the differences between Trend and AspireIQ. Whichever one you decide to go with, we hope this helps!

AspireIQ is a database. Trend is a network.

AspireIQ is an enormous database with more than 150,000 accounts. Databases have huge amounts of raw data, which can be useful for certain industries, but not influencer marketing, which requires precision in finding accounts that align with your brand. It’s also important to note that not everyone shown in the database has opted-in to be there. Instead, AspireIQ crawls the web and gathers all the data for you to search through yourself. As a result of this approach, there’s a huge variety in the quality of content you’ll find in the database.

And even once you’ve searched through thousands of accounts, you still need to take the additional step of inviting influencers to join the campaign. Not on Trend.

AspireIQ search.
aspireIQ search 2

Trend is a curated network. We don’t make you sift through millions of accounts and then reach out to them. We’ve done the opposite, building a high-quality, invite-only network of thousands of influencers that consistently create outstanding content. Since it’s invite-only, everyone has chosen to be a part of Trend and as a result it’s a highly engaged community.

It gets better. Instead of inviting influencers to join your campaign and waiting to hear if they would like to move forward , they apply directly to you. This means that the applicants you receive are all interested in your brand and all you need to do is approve the ones you like. This approach is much quicker and easier for everyone involved.

Approve influencers on Trend

Trend is more straightforward than AspireIQ.

Once you have searched through dozens of accounts, invited influencers to your campaign, and heard back from some that they would like to move forward, you need to  negotiate a contract with each of them. Over the course of a campaign, this wastes hundreds of hours in lost time and momentum.

Did we mention that with AspireIQ you’re also limited in what you can do? It all depends on what pricing plan you’ve selected. For example, their basic plan only allows you to run one campaign at a time.

Complicated dashboards slow things down. Trend was built to be straightforward and flexible to your needs. We’ve eliminated edge-case features and vague tabs. Instead, you’ll find a clean, straightforward dashboard broken down into 5 simple sections.

It’s intuitive and allows you to get to work right away with what really matters: running your campaign. All your metrics are in one place, which is great to have especially with Instagram hiding likes.

AspireIQ has gone in the other direction, adding layer upon layer of filters and buttons you’ll never use and that can at times be simply confusing.

Trend dashboard

Apart from that, we’re designed to scale and generate results quickly. There is no need to enter into a contract with each individual influencer. You can run as many campaigns as you need, regardless of which plan you’re on. Every brand on Trend also receives a dedicated account manager who provides detailed support and ensures campaign success. Account managers are provided with every plan  - not just the most expensive ones

Trend is more affordable

We mentioned that on AspireIQ, you need to negotiate a contract with each individual influencer. Most importantly, you need to negotiate how much the influencer will be paid. This can easily drain thousands of dollars from a company’s influencer budget - even micro-influencers increasingly charge hundreds of dollars per post. This is in addition to the fee you would be paying to access Aspire IQ’s database in the first place.

Trend testimonial from a client.
aspireIQ payment review
aspireIQ payment review

At Trend, we charge per influencer. That provides you with access to our network, a set amount of high-quality influencers to work with - no price negotiation needed - a license to repurpose the content, a dedicated account manager, and more.

Know the facts and what you’re paying for before you schedule a demo.

Trend has a native iOS app!

Instagram is a mobile app. Influencers are constantly on their phone. Their audience interacts with the content on their phone. So we built an app that allows you to be where the action is - on mobile.

trend iOS app listing

Our app allows you to run an entire campaign from your phone. It’s also incredibly useful for post-campaign uses, like when it’s time to repurpose the content: you can easily save a post to your camera roll and upload to your brand’s Instagram profile. No need to download the image from desktop, email it to yourself, save to camera roll, and then upload.

Post approval
Trend's iOS app post dashboard

Trend vs AspireIQ Reviews

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