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In 2021 our creators have earned over $500,000 in cash and product while partnering with the brands they love. Are you passionate about content creation? Apply now.

Get paid to receive, use, and create content for the products you love.

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Free product & cash for every successful campaign
Great brands make for great partnerships
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Instant pay upon post approval
Never hunt down outstanding payments again
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New gigs updated every week
Always find new, interesting campaigns to apply to
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Build your portfolio with industry leaders
Get paid to build your personal brand
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Manage everything from your phone
No more unorganized email threads with brands
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Earn more as you go
Get more cash with each post you make

Trend has helped me as an influencer with exposure to opportunities for collaboration and introduced me to brands I would have never discovered!


Searching and reaching out to brands was a daunting task for me. Several brands don’t answer back or simply are just not looking for collaborations at that time. Trend allowed me to easily find amazing and quality brands looking for collaborations


Trend was one of the very first platforms I joined as an influencer. It’s so easy to build a relationship with the brands and communication is great! Not to mention payouts are quick and easy.

Influencer Databases Suck.

We've invented a new system

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Databases are filled with scraped, public information from influencers who want nothing to do with the platform.
Other platforms
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We invite you to join the network instead. This allows us to ensure a community of quality & outstanding creators.
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Brands reach out to you with no idea if you are interested in a partnership.
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You choose the campaigns that align with your personal brand and apply for those partnerships.
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You spend time negotiating and usually don’t find a partnership agreement. This wastes your time and is extremely frustrating.
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Trend takes care of compensation for creators, saving valuable time for you.
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Communcation takes place through email which becomes nearly impossible to juggle while working with multiple brands.
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Trend keeps all conversations with all brands in one place. All communication goes straight to your phone with our iOS app.
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Job opporunties are usually with crummy brands who micro-manage the creation process.
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The same way we hand-select creators like you, we hand-select brands to join to ensure quality jobs for you.

Join Trend, the creators network

Native iOS app that rewards you the more gigs you complete.

- Quickly choose who you want to partner with
- Guaranteed instant payment after approval
- 20+ listings added every week
- Manage communication in one central location
- Performanced based payments
Trend's tiered payments means more cash for doing more jobs
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How it works

Apply For Partnerships
Browse the app for Brands and products you feel excited about promoting. Send a quick "one tap" application to the brand to let them know you're interested.
Receive Products
If selected for a campaign, the brand will send you whatever product it is they're looking to promote. Once the product arrives at your doorstep, it's up to you to get creative and take your photo.
Create, Post, Get Paid
Make your post on instagram promoting the product and upon brand approval, you'll immediately be sent cash for the job. Rinse and repeat with different brands or even the same brand again.
Work with the worlds most reputable brands, get boxes full of free products, while building your personal brand. Why purchase any of these great products when you can be creative, be yourself, and get them for free?
Riddle me that.
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