Shooting household products can be an expensive job.

You need chairs, sofas, beds, and sometimes even a kitchen.

Creating a studio to shoot household products can cost thousands of dollars. That doesn’t even include the cost of hiring a photographer or a film crew.

So when luxury goods brand Italic needed content for their household products, we decided to introduce them to our own content studio, a curated influencer network with their beds and kitchens up for grabs.

“Using Trend’s influencer network helped us shoot content in multiple places for a fraction of the cost”

Software designed to save you time and money

Without Trend, Health-Ade would have to dig much deeper into their pockets to achieve the same results. Let’s take a look at the other options available to Health-Ade and their pros, cons, and costs.

In-house influencer marketing

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Content Studio

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J.W. Hulme pros and cons to using an agency graphic

Influencer Database

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What would it cost to shoot this content with Trend?

12 Influencers


Total Cost


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About Our Campaign with Italic

Keeping content fresher than washed linen

If you’re using the same setting to shoot all of your photos and videos, your content can get stale quickly.

Today’s consumers are tired of seeing the same content over and over again, especially if it’s not resonating with them. That’s bad for purchase intent.

This is why having fresh content is so important.

It keeps on triggering the senses and is more likely to make you stop. Especially if it’s user-generated content which is known to convert much better than professionally-generated content.

By using Trend’s platform Italic was able to cut through the noise and create high-quality content in multiple environments at scale.

Beds and kitchens on-demand and secure

Italic needed to shoot content for their premium cookware and bedsheets but didn’t want to break the bank to set up a product shoot.  

By using Trend’s vetted creator network, Italic was able to find 12 high-quality influencers to create content for their cookware and bedsheets.

With these being premium products, there’s always concern about stolen or missing product.

Luckily for Italic, those concerns were quickly dismissed as Trend lets you track product delivery.

Trend’s network and features made for a quick, easy, and secure campaign.

And the results? 27 pieces of high-quality content in both image and video formats.

Key Results

  • 27 posts created (a combination of images and videos)
  • 3 kitchens and 9 beds used
  • Over 1.5k conversations generated

More About Our Approach

Trend helps you reach your goals by getting as many people as possible talking about and recommending your products or brand.

All of our influencers have loyal audiences. This is the key to making the message feel a part of the conversation instead of a part of an advertisement.

Rather than working with one mass-reach influencer at a time, Trend found an efficiency in working with micro-influencers at a higher volume.

These rising stars create incredible content and have genuine audiences. This approach allows us to reach unique groups of people rather than the same audience over and over.