Kalumi Beauty

Showing what’s beauty and what’s real have become synonymous.

More consumers are asking to see real images and real videos when it comes to beauty products. They no longer care for traditional advertising and photoshopped content.

Giving consumers real, raw, unfiltered beauty can be difficult for brands.

Even when brands do it in-house, consumers know that content was made to sell. And it’s expensive to produce that content.

That’s why Kalumi Beauty turned to Trend. To find real product users with real stories to share with real audiences.

“Trend provided us with a wide range of content. From images to videos, we were able to show a complete journey of our brand experience.”

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Software designed to save you time and money

Without Trend, Kalumi would have to dig much deeper into their pockets to achieve the same results. Let’s take a look at the other options available to Kalumi and their pros, cons, and costs.

In-house influencer marketing

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Content Studio

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Kalumi beauty pros and cons of using content studio graphic

Influencer Database

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What would it cost to shoot this content with Trend?

79 Influencers


Total Cost

$6,715 (15% discount for 60 or more credits)

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About Our Campaign with Kalumi

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A true brand story

Storytelling has become an integral part of consumer marketing.

Consumers want to feel like they can see themselves being part of something and see themselves using a product.

That happens by creating a brand experience.

Most brands get this wrong by just doing traditional advertising.

By using Trend, Kalumi Beauty was able to create almost 100 pieces of content, mapping everything in the product journey from unboxing to use to reviews.

Real beauty is raw

The best part of working with content creators instead of creating your content in-house is that the result is raw and real. Creators get to decide how to shoot and use products instead of the content being staged.

Trend’s influencer network was the perfect platform for Kalumi Beauty.

Our network is vetted for only the highest quality content creators. And these creators are influencers.

That means they have built audiences as well, offering a great platform to promote a product.

Trend’s influencers are also vetted for engagement. This ensures that brands like Kalumi Beauty see their product receive engagement which will ultimately create new product users and more real stories.

Key Results

  • Over 50 videos and 80 images created with full licensing rights
  • 79 real stories
  • Full customer journey mapped
  • Over 675K+ impressions

More About Our Approach

Trend helps you reach your goals by getting as many people as possible talking about and recommending your products or brand.

All of our influencers have loyal audiences. This is the key to making the message feel a part of the conversation instead of a part of an advertisement.

Rather than working with one mass-reach influencer at a time, Trend found an efficiency in working with micro-influencers at a higher volume.

These rising stars create incredible content and have genuine audiences. This approach allows us to reach unique groups of people rather than the same audience over and over.

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