Mizzen and main

Clothing brand Mizzen + Main struggled to scale influencer marketing due to the time it took to communicate and negotiate with influencers.

Even after they got influencers to agree to work for their campaign, they would quickly hit their budget due to the variability in influencer rates.

They needed a solution that would allow them to spend less time bogged down in emails and DMs and more time leveraging the fruits of their efforts (That oh so good user-generated content!)

“Trend helped us achieved an unprecedented low CPM while simultaneously streamlining our workflows to scale influencer marketing”

Application of content

Software designed to save you time and money

Without Trend, Mizzen + Main would have to dig much deeper into their pockets to achieve the same results. Let’s take a look at the other options available to Mizzen + Main and their pros, cons, and costs.

In-house influencer marketing

Mizzen + Main pros and cons to using an in-house marketing graphic

Content Studio

Mizzen + Main pros and cons to using content studio graphic


Mizzen + Main pros and cons to using agency graphic

Influencer Database

Mizzen + Main pros and cons to using influencer database graphic

What would it cost to generate this number of impressions with Trend?

21 Influencers


Total Cost

$1,995 (5% discount for 20 or more credits)

The importance of reaching people on Instagram

About Our Campaign with Mizzen + Main

Enter the Influencer Network

Trend’s influencer network is different than others in the fact that all Trend influencers have their rates pre-negotiated. This takes out the very time suck that Mizzen + Main was wrestling with.

Taking it a step further, Trend’s platform has influencers apply to your campaign (which creates authentic content!) instead of spending hours chasing after them. That helped Mizzen + Main spend less time putting together their dream team of influencers and put more time back into their day to work on other projects.

In addition, Trend’s strong influencer network has delivered a ton (50 images!) of high-quality user generated content.

Now, Mizzen + Main has more quality content to use for social media and email. It was even great for whitelisted ads, which resulted in very positive ROAS. And, don’t forget the boost in brand awareness.

Key Results

  • Over 700K Impressions
  • 2.7X ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)
  • 50% reduction in time spent organizing + managing campaigns
  • 58 posts created

More About Our Approach

Trend helps you reach your goals by getting as many people as possible talking about and recommending your products or brand.

All of our influencers have loyal audiences. This is the key to making the message feel a part of the conversation instead of a part of an advertisement.

Rather than working with one mass-reach influencer at a time, Trend found an efficiency in working with micro-influencers at a higher volume.

These rising stars create incredible content and have genuine audiences. This approach allows us to reach unique groups of people rather than the same audience over and over.