Palms to pine kow kombucha

Brand Category: Beverage

Palms to Pines Social specializes in Social Media Management and Strategy. Their approach is tailored and unique to each brand they serve, in order to show up in the right way for their consumers.

They were working with their customer, KÖE Organic Kombucha, on an important market launch with a key retailer. Their goal? Raise awareness through local/targeted influencers and drive consumers in-store to trial the product. Along with driving foot traffic, they wanted to generate some quality UGC to repurpose for their social needs.

Prior to Trend, Palms to Pines Social would spend weeks planning a campaign. It was far more cumbersome and expensive dealing with agencies and multiple third-parties to execute anything. Using Trend, as you'll find out, they achieved quite the success on their FIRST campaign.

An image depicting P2P KOE side-by side

Now.. how did they achieve so much success on their first campaign on Trend? Let’s dive in:

Step 1: Created their first campaign using the Trend brief builder. In their campaign, they provided details and expectations for the creators applying. Including what they want to be mentioned in the caption and how they expect the content to look. This process is standardized by the Trend software. The Palms to Pines Social team took an extra step by sharing some example captions and example content.

On Trend, keeping it clear and simple wins. Share the important requirements upfront to set yourself up for success!

Step 2: Once the campaign was set live to our network - applications from talented content creators started to roll in! Instead of going out and searching for creators as they would in the past, Palms to Pines Social gets to choose from a pool of applicants who’ve opted-in to work with them. All the team had to do? Review the applications and activate the creators they wish to work with. Can you say, “goodbye days of searching databases and cold outreach”? Time to activate some creators, in this case, 21!

Step 3: Now that Palms to Pines Social has activated their list of creators, they are ready to ship the product right away to maintain momentum. The addresses are already provided as a part of the creator profile - eliminating the need for any back and forth.

Once the product is shipped, Palms to Pines Social added the tracking numbers into Trend so the software could assign a due date to each creator based on the delivery date.

Step 4: Building relationships is key. Trend has messaging built into the software to help streamline communication with the creators. The ability to share excitement for the post and answer questions are steps to building successful relationships and can lead to working with these creators again!

Step 5: Let the posts and content roll on in. The software helps manage the campaign on your behalf, so notifications of due dates are managed by us. Palms to Pines Social just has to wait for the posts and approve them.

Once approved, creators are paid out by Trend and the content is licensed to Palms to Pines Social and KÖE Organic Kombucha in perpetuity. They have the freedom to use their new UGC library in FB ads, IG ads, social channels, on the website, email marketing, and more!

A breakdown of key influencer marketing results

Quote from Blake Nyman of Palms to Pines Social:

“Using Trend was such a refreshing, easy, and cost-effective way to run an influencer campaign! It was a turn-key solution that allowed us to move quickly and execute all our goals. The influencers were great to work with and created some amazing content that we’ll be able to repurpose. There’s multiple layers of ease, quality, and value when using Trend and we definitely plan to continue using the platform!”

Another image depicting the P2P KOE Side-by-side

More About the Trend Approach

Trend helps you reach your goals by getting as many people as possible talking about and recommending your products or brand.

All of our influencers have loyal audiences. This is the key to making the message feel a part of the conversation instead of a part of an advertisement.

Rather than working with one mass-reach influencer at a time, Trend found an efficiency in working with micro-influencers at a higher volume.

These rising stars create incredible content and have genuine audiences. This approach allows us to reach unique groups of people rather than the same audience over and over.