The 20 Most Effective Squarespace Templates For eCommerce

Curious about Squarespace templates? These bad boys are the key to creating a better eCommerce experience, but only if you use them right.

We’re not going to sugarcoat it: running a website can get messy. Even with all of the fancy tools at your disposal, your eCommerce site demands a lot of attention. If you aren’t a web developer by trade, that means you’re spending countless hours on the smallest adjustments to your website.

Nobody’s got time for that.

Fortunately, you don’t need to master coding to create a gorgeous, effective website. Web hosting provider Squarespace is emerging as a trusted tool for building eCommerce sites fast, cheaply, and with zilch coding knowledge.

And guess what?

If you look at any Squarespace website, you would have no idea that the site was built with a drag-and-drop builder.

That’s because Squarespace provides professionally-designed templates to its subscribers. Translation: you know you’re getting something good when you snag a template off Squarespace’s template marketplace.

Although just 1.6% of all websites are built on Squarespace, there’s a huge market out there for Squarespace templates.

But as an eCommerce product brand, you shouldn’t choose a template willy-nilly.

One wrong move could plummet your conversion rates, so you need to choose the best Squarespace template for your business.

Not sure how to do that? Don’t sweat it.

Dig into Trend’s guide on why you should use Squarespace templates, how to choose one in the first place, and our 20 favorite templates built specifically for eCommerce.


Why should I use Squarespace templates?

Obviously, you’ve got a lot of options when it comes to building an eCommerce site. Why is Squarespace templates the be-all-end-all for eCommerce?

It comes down to a few factors, like:

  • Affordability: Squarespace pricing starts at $18/mo for businesses. Did you know that their pricing includes a ton of professionally-designed templates already? That’s a lot of bang for your buck.
  • Beginner-friendly features: Squarespace is perfect for brands that need a poppin’ eCommerce experience but that can’t invest in web development just yet. With a beginner-friendly WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) setup, you can drag and drop your way to success.
  • Customization: We like Squarespace templates because they’re customizable out of the box. Change fonts, colors, images, and even layouts to suit your needs—no coding required.
  • Mobile optimization: You don’t need to worry about your eCommerce site rendering correctly on mobile devices or desktops. Every Squarespace site is automatically mobile-optimized, which saves you a lot of work.
  • All-in-one perks: There’s no need to buy hosting, an SSL, a CDN, analytics, or even SEO optimization tools. Everything is rolled into your Squarespace subscription. Heck, it even integrates with eCommerce options, payment portals, and email marketing.

There’s clearly a lot to love about Squarespace. With that said, if you have web developers on staff or need something super-customized, you might be better off with a solution like WordPress.

Still, Squarespace templates are modern, clean, and fast, which makes them a perfect avenue to grow your eCommerce brand quickly.


Should I buy Squarespace templates?

Here’s the thing, though: your Squarespace subscription gives you access to pre-made templates. And these templates are pretty good! (Several free templates made their way to our top-20 list below.)

However, there are also premium templates available both in the Squarespace marketplace and with non-Squarespace providers.

We can’t say for sure if you should buy a Squarespace template or not. It comes down to your brand’s needs.

You’ll see several differences between free and premium Squarespace templates, including:

  • Specificity: Free templates are designed to be crowd-pleasers. So, if you have a super-niche business and need a Squarespace template focused on your industry, you can save more time by paying for a premium template.
  • Look and feel: We like Squarespace’s free templates a lot, but the premium ones just have a certain appeal to them. You can tell that premium templates have more thought and strategy behind them; they just look more intentional and thoughtful. If your audience appreciates great design, you might prefer a premium template.
  • Resources: Premium templates include a resource guide that helps you get your eCommerce site up and running. If you’re a total Squarespace newbie, this resource guide can be a huge time-saver.
  • Support: It’s a well-known fact that websites break. A lot. When you buy a premium template, you get ongoing support to tease out any problems that come up. If you’re strapped for time and don’t want to pull your hair out fixing broken widgets, premium templates are a great option.
  • Price: Obviously, a free Squarespace template is awesome for your budget. If you opt for a premium template, you can expect to pay anywhere from $80 - $1,000 as a one-time fee, so it’s not an insignificant investment. But hey, it’s still cheaper than hiring a web developer.

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to Squarespace’s free templates.

We recommend pulling the trigger on a premium template if you need more in-depth design or love the idea of ongoing support.

How do you choose Squarespace templates?

Before we regale you with our top 20 Squarespace templates for eCommerce, we want to give you a framework for choosing an effective template in the first place.

While you’re free to change your Squarespace template as much as you like, consider this: consistent branding increases revenue by 33%.

Translation: if you’re changing templates all the time, customers won’t trust you. It’s best to choose a Squarespace template you love pre-launch and stick with it.

This should raise the stakes for your team. It means you need to have a strategy behind how you choose a Squarespace template for your brand.

Instead of choosing a template because it “looks cool,” use these 4 criteria to select the right Squarespace template for your business.

1 - Filter Squarespace templates by category

Have you ever wondered, “Where do I find Squarespace templates in the first place?”

Fortunately, you don’t need to look far: Squarespace makes its template marketplace readily available for view (even if you don’t have a Squarespace account yet).

To find the right Squarespace template for your eCommerce shop, we recommend looking by category first.

There are 15 total, but for eCommerce, you’ll likely be the most interested in:

  • Online stores
  • Local businesses
  • Professional services

You’re free to check out any of the other categories in the marketplace, but we’ve found that these 3 are the most relevant for eCommerce.


2 - Preview Squarespace templates

As you search the marketplace, you’ll see that there are plenty of templates to choose from.

Instead of picking one and hoping it looks good on your site, check out the template preview.

A template preview is just a dummy site that gives you an idea of how the template will look out of the box. Keep in mind that you can adjust each template’s images, colors, fonts, and even some layouts, so it’s possible to adjust a template that you’re otherwise in love with.

3 - Look for layout first on Squarespace templates

Like we’ve said, you can adjust a lot of things in a Squarespace template. But when you’re evaluating a new template, you should look at the layout first and foremost.

While you can adjust the order and contents in the Squarespace template, sometimes it’s difficult to change the layout entirely.

Make sure your chosen template is close enough to your vision—otherwise, you’ll waste hours customizing the template or risk switching templates down the line.

4 - Personalize your Squarespace templates

Last but not least, remember to personalize the template to your tastes.

You can always choose a Squarespace template out of the box and run with it, but the platform makes it so easy to customize everything that you should definitely give it a try.

Squarespace lets you edit things like:

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Pages
  • Sections
  • Calls to action

Keep in mind that every template is different. While some might allow you to totally change the layout of a page, others won’t. Feel free to test out a few options before committing to a Squarespace template for your eCommerce site.

20 successful Squarespace templates you can use right now

Squarespace templates give you an instant aesthetic. They’re perfect for beginners and give you the power to customize without code.

With that said, some Squarespace templates are just more engaging than others.

Since 94% of users rely on your web design to form an opinion about your brand, you need a badass template that gets results.

Look no further: the Trend team compiled our 20 favorite Squarespace templates designed with eCommerce in mind. We’ve included both free and premium templates to help you choose the right option for your biz.

1 - Galapagos


Price: Included in Squarespace subscription

Does this template give you beachy Galapagos vibes? No?

Well, when you use this template for your Squarespace site, its ease of use will make you feel like you’re vacationing in a faraway place.

Galapagos is perfect if you run a lifestyle or fashion-centered eCommerce store.

The minimalist design keeps the focus on your products, offering a clean, clutter-free design that homes in on your products.

With nifty features like product discount labels, hover images, and accent colors, we like Galapagos’ premium-esque features that are included as part of your Squarespace subscription.

2 - Ruminant


Price: $397

Yes, Ruminant is one of the more expensive eCommerce Squarespace templates on our list, but hear us out.

This template gives you a lot of room to make it your own.

It’s best suited for eCommerce brands that want to showcase both their products and their thought leadership.

With sections that highlight freebies and downloads built into the template, Ruminant is a worthy contender for your premium dollars.

3 - Foster Juice Co.


Price: Included in Squarespace subscription

Well, you don’t need to be a juice shop to get great results from the Foster Juice Co. Squarespace template. Feel free to customize it to your exact preferences, updating the images with your own products.

We’re in love with the classy animation and movement of this template, which promises to keep visitors engaged with your shop.

Foster Juice Co. also includes eCommerce integrations automatically, so setting up your shop will be a breeze with this template.

4 - Handpicked


Price: $299

Handpicked is the cutest template on our top 20 list, but it still helps customers take you seriously as an eCommerce provider.

We recommend Handpicked for smaller shops that do small-batch or custom-order products.

If you host webinars, Zoom talks, or any other kind of recurring event, Handpicked includes a widget just for event promotions.

Oh, and it also includes your Instagram feed, so if you’re active on social media, this is a great Squarespace template for your biz.

5 - West


Price: Included in Squarespace subscription

Dark, sexy, and mysterious Squarespace template West has a lot to offer eCommerce brands in the luxury space.

This template includes neat additions like:

  • Subscribe boxes: Build your email list in a cinch with this readymade subscription CTA.
  • Animation: West’s animation is timeless and just subtle enough to evoke a mood that screams “cool.”
  • FAQ: Frequently asked questions aren’t hard to set up, but when it’s built into the template already, it saves you a good amount of work.

6 - Aspen


Price: $180

Aspen is a premium Squarespace template, but it’s easy to see why.

With callouts for your hours, blogs, and product features, there’s a lot to love about this Squarespace template.

The parallax effect is particularly engaging, so if you’re a fan of screen-width headers and images, give Aspen a go.

We also like this theme’s categorized shopping options. If you sell tons of products and want to draw equal attention to all of your categories, Aspen is a safe bet.

7 - Thorne


Price: Included in Squarespace subscription

Thorne is a readymade eCommerce Squarespace template that’s perfect for fashion brands out of the box.

But hey, if you sell other eCommerce products, that’s okay. Thorne offers a lot of customization options.

While the theme is a classic black and white, you can customize colors, fonts, images, and more to make Thorne your own.

We love this template because it looks pretty darn high-end out of the box. If you want to quickly establish rapport with shoppers, this Squarespace template certainly will get the job done.

8 - Ventura


Price: Included in Squarespace subscription

Do you love lazy load? Well, then you’ll love the Ventura Squarespace template.

Ventura is just minimalist enough to appeal to the modern shopper, but gives a little more pizzazz to its layout than other Squarespace templates.

Plus, with calls to action and list-building incentives baked into the template already, you’re free to launch your eCommerce site with less fuss.

9 - Acadia


Price: $99

Priced at just $99, Acadia is an affordable premium Squarespace template that’s great for eCommerce.

It’s got more of a “chunky” look than some of the more minimal templates on our list, but Acadia gives your brand a lot of styles, sections, and layouts to play with.

Want to feature your latest Instagram post on your eCommerce site? Acadia comes with this feature baked in.

10 - Hester


Price: Included in Squarespace subscription

Hester’s demo site puts pickled front and center, but you can obviously feature any product you like with its clean, action-oriented hero image.

While Hester is simple and clean, its use of color really gets our attention. If your brand is playful but you still want people to take you seriously, give the Hester Squarespace template a try.

11 - Alameda


Price: Included in Squarespace subscription

Out of the box, Alameda is suited for fashion eCommerce specifically. It allows your shoppers to hover over an item and display a second image.

If your shoppers have a lot of questions about product materials or how something will look close-up, Alameda’s hover images are a great feature.

An About Us and Contact page is already built within the demo site, and you even have the ability to tag certain items in a Sale category.

12 - Market


Price: $299

The Market Squarespace template is premium, but you get a ton of benefits for the money. We’re in love with the Instagram-esque square-centered layout of this website, which renders great on mobile devices.

Since 40% of mobile users leave a brand because of a bad experience, you need all the help you can get.

Market includes built-in layouts and features like:

  • A call to action to subscribe to your email list.
  • A blog feed.
  • An Instagram feed.

13 - Patil


Price: Included in Squarespace subscription

Most Squarespace templates go with a white background, but Patil shakes things up with black as the background.

This design works because it draws the visitor’s eye to your photos, particularly if you’re sharing colorful images.

You don’t need to be a mail-order florist to use this template, either. Patil’s eCommerce settings are perfectly suited for clothing, toys, and everything in between. It even comes loaded with a product suggestion feature to keep visitors shopping longer on-site.



Price: Included in Squarespace subscription

KLIPSAN is a template suited for local businesses, like gyms, that live on subscriptions and memberships, but you can definitely use this template for eCommerce.

We like the Nike-ish design and messaging on this site, so it would be great for fitness brands. KLIPSAN has eCommerce features to sell your products, but if you ever want to offer a service or subscription, this Squarespace template has the flexibility to do both.

15 - Anise


Price: Included in Squarespace subscription

The Anise Squarespace template comes out of the box ready for eCommerce jewelry and accessory brands, but feel free to give it your own spin.

Anise uses creams and warm tones to evoke a more comfortable, earthy feel than the other white space-loving templates on our list.

The eCommerce shop settings allow for multiple categories, so Anise can make even the most cluttered product catalog look refreshing and clean.

16 - Vandam


Price: Included in Squarespace subscription

The Vandam demo site is all about promoting a music band, but you can adjust this bad boy to promote your products. The “Merch” section of the demo site can give you a taste of this template’s eCommerce capabilities.

We especially like the hovering cart button, which is a different twist. The eCommerce checkout process is also clean and distraction-free, decreasing the chances of an abandoned cart. Since the average cart abandonment rate is nearly 70%, you need all the help you can get to retain shoppers on-site.

17 - Crosby


Price: Included in Squarespace subscription

Crosby is an awesome eCommerce Squarespace template because it gets straight to the point, giving you space for a “Shop Now” button above the fold.

Instead of just uploading static images, Crosby allows you to upload multiple file types, like GIFs, giving you the freedom to animate images if you want.

Want to create a gift card system for your eCommerce shop? Crosby comes preloaded with a gift card feature for fast setup.

18 - KITUI

Price: Included in Squarespace subscription

If you aren’t a fan of white space, KITUI is clean and minimalist without the blazing white background.

The Kitui Squarespace template screams “aesthetic.” Even if you change up the colors, the layout and overall feel of this template evoke a mood in your site visitors.

KITUI website homepage

19 - Pocket

Pocket's website

Price: $199

Wow, it’s emojis galore! We love Pocket’s colorful-yet-minimalist vibe. If you want a more playful feel that doesn’t compromise on white space, this is a great Squarespace template.

Sure, the template caters to app downloads, but you can easily customize it for eCommerce on the back-end. Pocket includes other fun-to-have features for an eCommerce site, like:

  • A prominent CTA to build your email list.

  • Built-in animations and lazy load.
  • A sleek blog or resources section ready to go.

20 - Mojzo

Mojzo template homepage.

Price: $222

Mojzo is definitely a premium template—just look at its awesome layout!

We like the fonts and layouts on the demo site, but you’re free to make Mojzo your own.

The combination of parallax effects, diverse section styles, Instagram feeds, and readymade eCommerce integrations make this Squarespace template a no-brainer.

Master eCommerce design with Squarespace templates

Visual appeal is a must in today’s competitive eCommerce world. Squarespace has literally won awards for its designs, so you’re in good hands with any of its templates.

We even had a product manager from Squarespace join our DTC POD and share with us why is brand story telling and design in the forefront of their business.

With that said, you still need to pick the right Squarespace template for your brand. Be sure to search for the right category, preview templates, prioritize layouts first, and personalize to your heart’s content. If you’re stuck on where to go from here, check out our top 20 picks for Squarespace templates—you can’t go wrong.

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