Brand partnerships, brand collaboration, and the future of commerce (with co-op commerce)

Brand partnerships used to be focused on top of the funnel activities. Now more brands focus on the bottom of the funnel. Get a sneak peek at the future of commerce.

  1. “Brands that are doing partnerships well think about partnerships put a lot of thought into building authentic relationships with partner brands.” @connersherline #DTCPOD
  2. “We haven't necessarily seen the highest cross-selling metrics on products alone. It's so much more psychographic.” @connersherline #DTCPOD
  3. “The best partnerships really are like a win-win on both sides.” @connersherline #DTCPOD
  4. “I see consumers being able to personalize their experience and cut through the noise in a better way than just getting served up the next Instagram ad.” @connersherline #DTCPOD
  5. “Values matter a lot and people sniff through false values. If you're a sustainable brand partner with sustainable brands. If you are a clean beauty brand partner with other brands that actually speak to your mission.” @connersherline #DTCPOD

We Speak About:

  • [01:05] About co-op commerce
  • [02:45] Where brand partnerships fit in the marketing funnel
  • [05:50] How brand partnerships are moving more towards the bottom of the funnel
  • [07:45] Some of the challenges in brand partnerships
  • [09:50] Conner’s data insights on what type of brand partnerships work
  • [14:45] The type of products that work best for brand partnerships
  • [17:20] Facebook ads vs brand partnerships
  • [19:45] Conner gives his take on the future of brand partnerships
  • [21:45] Where social commerce fits in with brand partnerships
  • [25:15] Conner and Jay talk DTC marketplaces
  • [28:30] Conner lists 3 things brands should look at before partnering with other brands
  • [30:05] How far we are from the future of commerce
  • [31:15] Brand partnerships and how they relate to influencer marketing

A look at the future of brand partnerships and brand collaborations

Conner Sherline, founder of co-op commerce joins the POD to discuss brand partnerships and brand collaborations.

Before starting co-op, Conner spent five years working for Facebook and Instagram.

Conner and his wife (also his co-founder) have brought a disruptive platform to the brand partnership space allowing brands to cross-sell each other products with no risk.

Brand partnerships and collaborations are a common way for early-stage brands to go. It allows each brand to capitalize on the other’s audience and grow. Typically, however, most brand partnerships focused on top of the funnel tactics.

Thanks to improvements in shopping platforms, it is now possible to create brand partnerships that focus on the bottom of the funnel.

This is where co-op comes in.

The best brand partnerships are rooted in authenticity

A fancy platform can help you better leverage partnerships but it isn’t the only thing you need.

When building partnerships, focus on creating authentic relationships.

You should look at what kind of audience buys your products and work with brands that have a similar audience.

This will increase your chances of having a successful brand partnership.

In addition to looking at the audience, it’s also important to look at values. Your values should align with the brands you are working with.

Stay tuned as Conner discusses some of the challenges brands face when partnering, what they can do to overcome them, and what the future of commerce looks like.

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