Chase Dimond shares his email secrets after creating more than $75M in revenue for brands

After generating more than $75M in revenue for his clients, Chase Dimond shares some of his best secrets for increasing conversions, getting signups, and more for email.

  1. “Email is really intimate, but in a way that is super scalable.” @ecomchasedimond #DTCPOD
  2. “I used email as a way to build audiences and nurture, convert, engage folks to buy products or services or consume more content.” @ecomchasedimond #DTCPOD
  3. “Make sure you have the different abandoned flows, the browse abandonment, the abandoned cart, and the abandoned checkout. That's all for the pre-purchase side.” @ecomchasedimond #DTCPOD
  4. “You have to focus on the business metrics, things like clicks, revenue per recipient, people that are responding to your emails, people that are active on your website and taking a full funnel kind of hyper personalized approach to that.”@ecomchasedimond #DTCPOD
  5. “Double down on sending as many campaigns as you can, learning as much about your audience as possible, and figuring out what type of content gets them to click.” @ecomchasedimond #DTCPOD

We Speak About:

  • [02:01] Chase introduces himself and Structured Agency
  • [03:45] Experiences that led to a skillset in email marketing
  • [07:32] Must do tips for email marketing
  • [06:16] Elements of sophistication that added value to the brand
  • [11:23] How to setup a successful email flow
  • [13:49] How often to log data
  • [15:52] How to prepare your email marketing for the IOS 15 update
  • [20:22] Email designs and how to avoid the spam box
  • [23:29] The order for asking for data matters
  • [26:05] How to successfully receive a customer’s phone number
  • [27:37] Tips on how to use email as a conversion channel
  • [30:11] What’s next for Chase Dimond and where to find him online

How Chase Dimond grew his expertise through a single marketing channel

Chase Dimond, A professional eCommerce email marketer, joins the POD to give some insight on how to build revue through emails and optimize this marketing channel

Chase Dimond markets his expertise through his own website, and is currently partnered with structured agency and boundless labs, an email marketing platform

Chase began social networking at an early age and was able to scale this platform through cold emails.

As he developed his skillset he transitioned to eCommerce email marketing where he has sent over 1 billion emails, resulting in $75+ million in email attributable revenue.

Chase recognizes that there is more than one variable to successful email marketing, and it all comes down to knowing the and and the place.

If you’re want to increase conversions, look at segmenting your list

Chase Dimond stands out as a marketer for his elite skill set in growing brand revenue through emails .

One key strategy his agency uses to increase conversion rates is to segment customer types and then break down what each of those people want to see and how they're going to be engaging.

Chase takes a unique approach to achieving successful conversion for brands by following a strategy of asking for email first and then phone number second

Chase understands that the first emails you send to a customer will be the most important because they will set the tone of the entire relationship.

Sam recommends segmenting your emails and customizing them to what works best for your customers

Stay tuned as Sam discusses how optimize email marketing and what flows to use for your customers

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