Creating a disruptive brand and product within an existing market

Mayssa Chehata has been working on building a disruptive brand at BEHAVE candy for over two years. She shares her secrets on how you can do the same.

  1. Being an early employee at Daily Harvest and getting a front-row seat to Daily Harvest’s growth was incredibly helpful in understanding how to grow a business.” @mayssa_c #DTCPOD
  2. “Something that I really love about the CPG world is that the best products rise to the top. It’s not always the ones with the biggest PR team or coolest brand.” @mayssa_c #DTCPOD
  3. “We think a lot about brand and how do we make consumers in our community know that we are a brand about eating more candy, not less candy.” @mayssa_c #DTCPOD
  4. “For the consumer, buying DTC is very different than buying off of Amazon or buying from a bodega so the unboxing experience is key.” @mayssa_c #DTCPOD
  5. “We are careful about adding new ways to engage with our community because we want them to be more additive rather than an annoyance.” @mayssa_c #DTCPOD

We Speak About:

  • [01:05] About BEHAVE
  • [02:30] A little about Mayssa’s path to BEHAVE
  • [08:05] Mayssa outlines the steps that happened to bring BEHAVE to the market
  • [11:00] How Mayssa funded BEHAVE and managed her capital
  • [13:15] Mayssa shares her thoughts about how important funding and press is to growth
  • [16:25] The keys to creating a disruptive product
  • [19:45] Everything Mayssa does to build and grow BEHAVE’s community
  • [24:45] Mayssa’s process to build BEHAVE’s brand personality
  • [30:15] How Mayssa is creating disruption post-purchase
  • [33:45] Mayssa’s suggestions for building a disruptive brand
  • [36:35] What’s next for BEHAVE?

Building a disruptive brand in a timeless product

Mayssa Chehata, founder of BEHAVE, joins the POD to talk about how how to create a disruptive brand.

BEHAVE is a brand that is disrupting the candy industry both in its product which is a low-sugar candy and in its positioning which is more geared towards adults.

Even though BEHAVE is new to the market, Mayssa has actually been working on the product for a couple of years.

She came up with the idea two years ago and started working with a chef last year to develop the product. Although the product launch was derailed for a couple of months due to the pandemic, Mayssa and her team spent many months fine-tuning every detail of the brand.

By creating a product that’s different, Mayssa has been able to get a lot of attention from investors and the press. That attention has further accelerated the growth of the product.

Disruptive brands are more than cool websites and unique products

Mayssa is constantly working to create the most disruptive brand possible. That starts with the way she manages capital all the way to the post-purchase experience.

Although BEHAVE has received funding, Mayssa did a great job executing her go to market strategy almost single-handedly. BEHAVE didn’t add team members until close to launch.

Mayssa has also optimized the post-purchase experience.

BEHAVE’s strategy includes creating unique packaging that is more welcoming and enjoyable than your typical brown Amazon box.

Stay tuned as Mayssa shares her best tips for creating a disruptive brand (including what signals to look for) and outlines how to build a brand with personality.

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