Introducing the DTCers Community + New Spot for the DTC POD

Get ready for an all-new experience for DTC fans. The DTC POD is excited to introduce our new DTC community and DTC POD home. Check it out now!

We’re changing things up this week with an introduction to the DTC POD’s new DTCers community - an invite-only community for DTC and eCommerce founders, marketers, and more.

Most of the Trend team (the operators of the DTC POD) is based out of Austin. Last week’s snowstorm in Texas left most of the team without power (so no podcasts).

So we figured this would be the perfect time to jump back into the podcast fresh and make two big announcements.

First, our DTCers community is officially live! You can apply to join at

We’re talking marketing, product, growth, DTC news, fireside chats with founders, and more! You can even ask for help or promote your brand.

That leads us to our second big announcement, a whole page dedicated to the DTC POD. Check it out at

You can listen to past episodes, apply to join our Discord community, and even apply to be a guest on the DTC POD.

If you’d like to learn more about Trend and our influencer marketing platform for influencers and brands visit You can also follow us for tips on growing your following and running successful campaigns on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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