Understanding the future of DTC trends and brands (with Aja Singer, creative and brand strategy consultant)

All DTC brands should be looking ahead to how consumer habits and preferences change. Aja Singer shares some new DTC trends and newcomer brands to watch.

  1. “Have one on one conversations and really deep dive into who is actually engaging and shopping with you.” @AjaSinger #DTCPOD
  2. “Make sure you understand what's happening in broader culture and adapt if it is aligned with your particular brand identity.” @AjaSinger #DTCPOD
  3. “I've been noticing that brands are experimenting a lot more and having more fun, they're not sticking so strictly to a specific set of brand guidelines” @AjaSinger #DTCPOD
  4. “A brand can be more than just selling a product, people are looking for like minded people to connect with.” @AjaSinger #DTCPOD
  5. “Empowering community members and shoppers is the best way to gain brand trust and develop trust with those people.” @AjaSinger #DTCPOD

We Speak About:

  • [00:57] Aja introduces herself
  • [02:15] How Aja got into brand creative and product design
  • [04:06] Experience that led to successful consulting
  • [05:37] Questions to consider to an evolving brand
  • [08:52] Adapting brand identity to the culture
  • [10:31] Knowledgeable takeaways from the evolving eCommerce space
  • [14:05] The power of community
  • [15:27] How to create and connect within a community brand
  • [18:02] Successful engagement approaches
  • [20:03] What to expect from DTC brands in the coming year
  • [21:35] How to engage with customers and the importance of experimenting
  • [23:33] What makes a brand/product special
  • [25:24] Brands that stand out
  • [27:18] What’s next for Aja Singer and where to find her online

Aja Singer, an insight on working with ambitious brands through creative and brand strategy

Aja Singer, a creative and brand strategy consultant for mission driven DTC brands, joins the POD to give some insight on creative strategy and product development

Aja spent the last 10+ years mastering brand creative & product design, and became the creative director for an e-commerce startup that grew into a multi-million dollar business

She now uses her skill set, in uncovering what drives consumer behavior and creating products and content that inspires community and drives revenue, to help other startups in need

In addition to being a consultant, Aja also has a newsletter to inform about branding and DTC trends

Aja recognizes that people and the market are always evolving, and it is important to keep up

Community is key for DTC growth

Aja Singer stands out as a brand consultant for her extensive knowledge in brand creative, strategy, and design

She has helped foster sustained growth for brands by centering community and personal interaction with consumers as the key to success

Aja recognizes the importance of connecting with consumers and understanding their needs to curate products and messaging that speaks to them

She fostered further opportunities for brands by paying attention to evolving marketing strategies and recognizing what works for current trends

Aja recommends creating an engaging community for your brand and experimenting with marketing strategies

Stay tuned as Aja discusses how to build a community around your brand and product strategy and design trends

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Mentioned Links:

Aja Singer’s newsletter: https://ajasinger.substack.com/

Aja Singer’s twitter: https://twitter.com/ajasinger

Aja Singer’s website: http://www.ajasinger.com/