How early-stage brands can win at influencer marketing (with Amanda Goetz, Founder of House of Wise)

You might not have a big budget but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do influencer marketing. Working with influencers early is about relationships.

  1. “When I think about go-to-market strategy, there are two ways of doing it. Top-down where you get as many eyeballs on your brand as possible or bottoms up where you try to turn early adopters into loyalists.” @AmandaMGoetz #DTCPOD
  2. “I believe in brand marketing where you create a community first that understands you and is a part of your brand.” @AmandaMGoetz #DTCPOD
  3. “I like thinking about my influencer strategy with the micro-influencers mostly, and then plugging in a few strategic macros that we create a longer-term relationship with.” @AmandaMGoetz #DTCPOD
  4. “One trend that I am really, really interested in right now is the fact that some of these major creators are now becoming investors and getting into the investor game.” @AmandaMGoetz #DTCPOD
  5. “As a founder of an early-stage company you have to remember that you’re on day one when comparing yourself to competitors that might already be doing this for a few years.” @AmandaMGoetz #DTCPOD

We Speak About:

  • [01:00] About Amanda and her experience
  • [03:15] Why Amanda started House of Wise
  • [05:20] Amanda’s thoughts on go-to-market strategies
  • [06:35] The importance of brand marketing when building
  • [10:15] How Amanda thinks about influencer marketing for SMBs
  • [13:45] Is influencer marketing still effective for growing brands?
  • [16:25] Fitting influencer marketing into your marketing mix for SMBs
  • [19:25] Amanda’s strategy for influencer marketing for early-stage brands
  • [24:10] How Amanda approaches influencer pitches
  • [27:50] What matters to Amanda when selecting influencers
  • [31:15] Pitfalls to avoid for early-stage brands doing influencer marketing

Influencer marketing for early-stage brands works. Here’s the playbook

Amanda Goetz, CMO of Teal and Founder of House of Wise, joins the POD to talk about how SMBs can successfully do influencer marketing.

Customer acquisition today is more about building an audience than just running paid advertising campaigns.

That’s where influencer marketing comes. Working with the right influencers can help you build your audience and keep your brand top of mind which is key in the early stages.

When you’re building your brand, you want to turn early adopters into brand loyalists.

Doing this means talking to early adopters and creating strong relationships that keep them loyal to your brand.

The way you turn early adopters into loyalists is the same approach you should take with influencers

Strong relationships shouldn’t only be with customers. They should be with influencers too.

To get the most out of influencer marketing, you also need to create strong relationships with creators.

That means getting them excited about your brand and getting them to buy into your mission, vision, and most importantly, the product itself.

Stay tuned as Amanda shares how SMBs can correctly use influencer marketing to grow, how to select creators, and some of the pitfalls you should avoid in influencer marketing.

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