Tips and examples for eCommerce quizzes that drive AOV and improve personalization (with Tina Donati from Octane AI)

Personalization is key to better customer experience, higher AOV, and higher lifetime value. One way to do it? Using an eCommerce quiz. Here's how.

  1. “Having a quiz to connect with your customers on site has become almost an essential part of the shopping experience.” @Tina_Donati #DTCPOD
  2. “You're collecting key insights about your customers with every question you ask and then using that to create personalized recommendations and personalized future engagements.” @Tina_Donati #DTCPOD
  3. “Quizzes are an opportunity to increase AOV because you have people purchasing more than maybe they would if they were just cruising through your website and happened to find that one single product.” @Tina_Donati #DTCPOD
  4. “An advantage of using a quiz is having personalized emails, SMS, and Facebook messenger messages that you send to customers to bring them back, and to engage with them again.” @Tina_Donati #DTCPOD
  5. “Based on the information that you've collected through a quiz, you can be strategic about the questions you ask to get that information, you've learned so much about who your customers are to create this full profile of every single one of them.” @Tina_Donati #DTCPOD

We Speak About:

  • [01:04] Tina introduces herself and Octane AI
  • [02:17] The development process of Octane AI
  • [04:34] The different types of quizzes and the benefits it builds for a brand
  • [06:24] How the tool collects insight and offers personal engagement for customers
  • [09:59] Marketing strategies to optimize the consumer quiz experience
  • [13:26] How quizzes maximize AOV
  • [15:36] what strategies work best for cross and up-selling
  • [17:44] How quizzes create an informed and personal brand
  • [23:28] Additional brand value
  • [25:33] How and when to implement a quiz in the customer journey
  • [28:16] Creative ways to introduce personalized products
  • [30:49] Where to find Tina Donati and Octane AI online

If you want to build a strong brand, you need build strong relationships with customers (and use quizzes!)

Tina Donati, content marketing manager of Octane AI, joins the POD to give some insight on the business, and the creative value quizzes can add to your brand .

Octane AI is an all-in-one platform for quizzes, messenger, SMS, and opt-ins that powers a personalized cross-channel experience.

Tina recognizes that when it comes to building a brand, knowledge about your customers and personal engagement are key components for customer retention and brand growth.To provide this experience, Tina is part of a team that focuses on developing this value for businesses.

An approach to gaining these key components is through quizzes.

Offering a customer quiz on the brand website provides useful information to the brand and creates an engaging experience for the customer.

Tina recognizes the importance of this, and Octane AI has developed a shop quiz platform that businesses can use.

In DTC, you need to find unique ways to add value to the customer experience

Personalized quizzes can be great for optimizing the customer experience and driving brand affinity.

Quizzes can act as product recommenders and virtual assistants, adding value to the customer experience as they lead them to personalized products and create cross-selling. This in return may lead to an increased AOV.

Tina addresses the types of quizzes and how to utilize them to create an engaged consumer.

Further brand opportunities are discussed through marketing strategies with quizzes.

Stay tuned as Tina discusses the post-purchase process and lifetime value tips when integrating a shopping quiz.

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