Behind the scenes look at transitioning from VC to founder (with Sarah Moret, Founder and CEO of Curie)

Running a DTC brand is very different than investing in a DTC brand. Learn lessons from eCommerce VC turned brand founder, Sarah Moret.

  1. “We were tapping into a market that was really underserved, which was products with clean formulations” @thats_a_moret #DTCPOD
  2. “The only difference between an entrepreneur and everybody else is they had the guts to go out and do it.” @thats_a_moret #DTCPOD
  3. “After the first six months, you're going to learn so much and you're going to want to change everything.” @thats_a_moret #DTCPOD
  4. When you're trying to grow and scale a company, you have to make decisions on the fly and learn how to get really good at that.” @thats_a_moret #DTCPOD
  5. “The more friction, the less likely we are to convert people to customers” @thats_a_moret #DTCPOD

We Speak About:

  • [01:04] Sarah introduces herself and Curie
  • [02:43] How Curie became a business opportunity
  • [06:34] The business growth journey
  • [11:10] The importance of networking and embracing change
  • [15:51] An essential skill set for running a business
  • [19:30] Questions to ask customers
  • [23:53] Differentiating the product line
  • [26:58] adding to the customer experience
  • [29:59] Innovation, partnerships, and QR codes
  • [33:26] What’s next for Curie and where to find Sarah Moret online

How Curie targeted an underserved need and created a business opportunity

Sarah Moret, Co-founder and CEO of Curie, joins the POD to give some insight on the business’s growth, marketing strategy, and how the brand got started.

Curie is a brand that develops natural and effective body care products

Sarah recognized that when it comes to hygiene and deodorant, there is an increasing desire among customers for clean and effective ingredients. To fill this gap, Sarah created a brand that catered toward this efficacy

A unique approach was taken to achieve organic growth by using social media as the primary source of advertising.

Networking to as many people as possible also helped to create word of mouth brand awareness.

Sarah recognizes that the beginning stages of starting a business should be heavily open to change as you learn more about your customers

Customer feedback is crucial to driving growth

Curie stands out as an eCommerce bodycare company for its effective and safe products.

The brand has experienced growth and retention by prioritizing customer feedback to improve their products and differentiating themselves from the competition.

Sarah takes a unique approach to achieving successful growth being open to change within any aspect of the business as she learns more about her customers

The brand has fostered further growth by making quick decisions and not wasting time when it comes to solving a problem.

Sarah recommends reaching out to loyal customs for input on how to better your business.

Stay tuned as Sarah discusses how Curie stays ahead of its competitors and creative marketing strategies

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