Moment founder Aisha Chottani shares how to collect better product and customer feedback

Founder of Moment drinks, Aisha Chottani, spent 2 years collecting product + customer feedback pre-launch. Here's what she did to build a strong product.

  1. “To get meaningful results from focus groups in CPG, you need to know who your target customer is, conduct blind product testing, and A/B test.” @aishacee #DTCPOD
  2. “The amount of product research you need to conduct is going to depend on your industry and your experience in your space.” @aishacee #DTCPOD
  3. “We waited until feedback said 90% of our customers loved our product and found it useful before deciding to launch.” @aishacee #DTCPOD
  4. “When customers share their thoughts over email, I’ll often jump on the phone with them to better understand what they think about the product.” @aishacee #DTCPOD
  5. “Get feedback on your product that helps you understand how your product makes customers feel and what is the use-case.” @aishacee #DTCPOD

We Speak About:

  • [01:00] About Moment
  • [03:40] How Aisha got into the beverage industry
  • [05:00] How Aisha’s last job at McKinsey & Company shaped Moment
  • [06:15] How Aisha shaves product costs
  • [08:00] Aisha’s process for collecting customer feedback
  • [11:55] How Moment landed on its final flavors to go to market
  • [14:30] Aisha’s advice for how much product feedback you should collect
  • [18:00] How Aisha came to the decision to stop collecting feedback and launch
  • [20:15] Where Moment conducted its pre-launch feedback
  • [20:50] How Aisha is collecting feedback post-launch
  • [23:00] Aisha shares 3 key tips for collecting feedback
  • [24:55] Who Aisha looks to for inspiration
  • [26:35] Aisha’s advice for other founders
  • [28:25] What’s next for Moment

Useful product feedback starts with having a clear understanding of your target customer

Aisha Chottani, co-founder of Moment, joins the POD to talk about product feedback. Moment is a natural botanical beverage.

Moment was born from Aisha’s own experiences. As an employee of McKinsey & Company, the constant work made Aisha crave a beverage that could help provide relaxation.

Before launching Moment, Aisha and her co-founder spent about 2 years doing product research and feedback.

During that time, Aisha was trying to understand who her target customer was, what their taste preferences were, and what kind of beverages were they looking for.

Being on top of current trends and taste preferences is really important when building a CPG product.

Aisha’s experience at McKinsey & Company allowed her to conduct great product research and ultimately land on the three flavors that now make up Moment.

They tested many different combinations and conducted many focus groups (closed and open) to really understand what their target customer was looking for.

Product feedback doesn’t just stop at pre-launch

Aisha credit continuous product feedback as a reason Moment has been successful.

Even after launch, Aisha sends out product surveys, responds to DMs, and is active on email.

Occasionally, she will even ask customers who respond via email to hop on a call for more product feedback.

It’s important to know what your customers like about your product and maybe even more important to understand what they DON’T like.

You need to have an ongoing feedback loop to help drive your product forward and have mass appeal.

Stay tuned as Aisha also gives three key tips for collecting feedback, answers how much product feedback you should get, and shares when you should launch your product.

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Editors Note: Moment drinks by Aisha Chottani will also be appearing on Shark Tank.

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