Looking towards the future of DTC with The Fascination's Maggie Gibson (Head of Partnerships and Merchandising)

As eCommerce continues to grow, learn how the discovery phase of shopping has changed and what the future of DTC looks like.

  1. “We're basically curating all of the Web's emerging brands, culture defining brands all in one place.” @maggiebethgibson #DTCPOD
  2. “We're trying to simplify the vast web of DTC brands that are currently continuing to pop up in the market” @maggiebethgibson #DTCPOD
  3. “We really want to give a voice to underrepresented founders and allow people to shop on their brand values and support the brands that align with those values.” @maggiebethgibson #DTCPOD
  4. “We test and try every product that is on our site.” @maggiebethgibson #DTCPOD

We Speak About:

  • [01:04] Maggie introduces herself and The Fascination
  • [03:53] the opportunities that drew Maggie to the brand
  • [05:44] The increase in online brand marketplaces
  • [07:58] What’s missing from the brand website
  • [10:22] Navigating what brands to pick
  • [13:10] The Fascination playbook
  • [14:25] The evolved marketplace
  • [16:44] Common theme among successful brands  
  • [19:04] The old school way
  • [20:20] Bundling products from different places  
  • [22:23] Consumer behavior and the online marketplace
  • [25:32] Favorite DTC brands
  • [26:33] What’s next for The Fascination
  • [28:13] Where to find the brand, and Maggie Gibson online

A view at the future of DTC

Maggie Gibson, Head of partnerships and merchandising at The Fascination , joins the POD to give some insight on the media brand’s mission and consumer behavior

The Fascination is a resource aimed at helping consumers shop, discover, and and research products customized to their needs

Maggie recognizes that each consumer has their own individual needs and potential unrecognized needs, and she works to help consumers fulfill these needs

A unique approach the brand takes is testing every product they recommend before showcasing it to the consumer

Maggie recognizes that provisioning personal product feedback not aly helps the consumer but also helps the brand improve through recommendations

Important values for consumers in the age of DTC

The Fascination stands out as a unique platform that aims to give honest reviews of products and provide the best experiences for consumers and their needs

The brand further provides bundle suggestions for products

Maggie looks for two distinctive factors when taking on a brand, which consist of the quality of the product and the impact it will have on numerous factors

The online media platform has fostered further popularity by prioritizing each consumers values and pairing them with the values of a brand

Maggie acknowledges how the virtual marketplace is influencing consumer behavior, and this factor un taken into account when predicting how future consumer will shop

Stay tuned as Maggie discusses top brands on their platform and how the distinguish between good and bad products

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