Master TikTok marketing for your brand + other innovative growth strategies (with Ju Rhyu, Co-founder and CEO of Hero Cosmetics)

What are today's best brands doing in DTC to grow? Well Hero Cosmetics, a fast-growing brand, is using TikTok and QR codes to grow. Here's how.

  1. “In the beginning it was really important for me that our business be a business that could stand on its own two feet, and that our company not be a money pit” @jurhyu #DTCPOD
  2. “It’s important to know what's trending so that you can insert yourself into the conversation at a moment's notice and really be part of that community.” @jurhyu #DTCPOD
  3. “Read every day, just absorb information because you need to know what's going on in your category, in your industry, in the world, because those things really can impact your business.” @jurhyu #DTCPOD
  4. “If you have the QR code on the package and someone scans it, it gives more surface area for you as a brand to do more education or maybe introduce them to some other kind of experience.” @jurhyu #DTCPOD
  5. “A retailer's private label is probably the scariest competitor or potential competitor there could be because they have all your data. They know exactly what products are selling the best.” @jurhyu #DTCPOD

We Speak About:

  • [03:12] Ju introduces herself and Hero Cosmetics
  • [04:49] The brands philosophy behind bootstrapping
  • [07:24] The power of TikTok marketing
  • [10:39] How the social media budget is allocated to create the most brand growth
  • [11:59] Content strategy for social media
  • [14:27] How the brand stays in the loop
  • [15:59] The brand’s research strategy
  • [17:48] Creative marketing CGP brands
  • [20:13] The brand’s experimental plays
  • [27:13] The awareness and acquisition strategy for QR codes
  • [30:24] Why private labels can be your biggest competitor
  • [32:56] What’s next for Hero Cosmetics and where to find the brand, and Ju Rhyu online

How Hero Cosmetics experienced continuous growth

Ju Rhyu, Co-founder and CEO of Hero Cosmetics, joins the POD to give some insight on the brand's financial plan and unique marketing strategy.

Hero Cosmetic is a skincare brand that is solution oriented with mindful ingredients for sensitive skin.

The brand began on Amazon, and as it grew, additional products were introduced into the market and since then the brand continues to experience growth.

Ju bootstrapped the brand so that its primary focus would not be on raising funds but rather building the brand, and as the brand grew the financial plan transitioned to form partnerships.

Ju recognized that when it comes to building a successful brand, it is important to stay up to date with current trends in any way you can.

Growth through TikTok and QR codes

Hero Cosmetics not only stands out for their skincare products, but also their unique and experimental marketing strategies

The brand has experienced continuous sustained growth by allocating their marketing budget primarily through social media

The brand has created awareness for their products by utilizing TikTok as their central social outlet, which has accounted for their growth.

Ju takes a unique approach to achieving additional growth by implementing QR codes in their packaging, and promotional events.

The brand has fostered further growth opportunities through partnerships and a unique paid advertising strategy.

Ju recommends being creative with your marketing and being a part of the community your brand is in.

Stay tuned as Ju discusses how Hero Cosmetics advanced their product line and what specific marketing strategies have led to the brand’s success

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