How To Build Your Brand's CX (with Stephanie Robilliard, Head of Customer Support of Ekster)

Your company’s customer service, support, and experience are important indicators of your brand’s success.

Your company’s customer service, support, and experience are important indicators of your brand’s success. A great customer service experience builds trust with consumers and generates loyalty. It's this loyalty that generates revenue for the company in the form of repeat purchases, referrals, or word-of-mouth marketing. In this digital age, customer service is a must. It can be hard to build one, especially without a support team that understands your customers. However, it’s not as difficult as you might think.Join the conversation with Stephanie Robilliard as she shares how you can build outstanding customer service and experience to retain customers and grow your brand. Stephanie is the head of customer support at Ekster, a wallet brand that aims to provide innovative solutions with organized access.Tune in!


[00:16] What’s in for you in today’s episode

[01:20] Stephanie career backstory

[02:39] Ekster’s customer service before and after Stephanie joined the agency

[03:39] The strategy that Stephanie followed in building a scalable team

[05:18] The metrics you should focus on to meet customers’ support demands

[06:27] Understanding customer psychology when selling to multiple markets  

[08:56] Lessons that Stephanie learned while building a customer service team

[11:08] Qualitative and quantitative measures to look into to scale tour business

[12:23] Customer journey touchpoints and customer experience

[14:49] The importance of customer experience in the COVID-19 era

[16:47] How to differentiate your product with customer service and experience

[19:05] Driving brand growth through customer experience, acquisition, and retention

[20:29] Takeaways from the guest

[21:39] What next for Stephanie and Ekster based on customer support

[23:03] Where to learn more about Ekster and connect with Stephanie

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Stephanie Robilliard - Ekster

Jay Desai - @jayd3sai