With $250M+ in eCommerce revenue generated, Daniel Snow, Co-Founder of The Snow Agency, shares how to launch and scale products

Launching a product can be hard, scaling a product can be even harder. So we spoke to Daniel Snow, who has helped make $250M+ in eCommerce revenue to learn how.

  1. “We found a product, created it, brought it to market, rapidly scaled multiple brands, and eventually sold our brands. That's how we were able to grow our agency so fast.” @iamdansnow #DTCPOD
  2. “The best way to think about content, in terms of when it's time to launch a brand, is to put together various customer personas that you think might be in the market to buy your products” @iamdansnow #DTCPOD
  3. “There is a reason why when you grow a company you hire people because you can't do everything yourself. People give you more leverage than you trying to do things yourself.” @iamdansnow #DTCPOD
  4. “If you've got great engaging content that resonates with your target persona, your clickthrough rates are going to be higher quality scores.” @iamdansnow #DTCPOD
  5. “If you grow too fast, odds are your customer experience is going to take a hit, and products are going to be delayed” @iamdansnow #DTCPOD

We Speak About:

  • [00:55] Daniel introduces himself and The Snow Agency
  • [02:13] The motive behind building the brand
  • [03:38] Tips for product launching
  • [05:45] How to find your target audience
  • [07:45] How to turn an idea into a business opportunity
  • [09:48] When to keep content in-house and when to outsource
  • [11:51] When do do it yourself and when to seek an expert
  • [14:44] Key indicators for finding the perfect product market fit
  • [16:54] The Snow Agency’s strategies for growing brands
  • [17:53] When to use a subscription
  • [20:08] How to keep the brand in the customers’ mind
  • [21:22] Daniel’s most impactful marketing projects
  • [23:19] The importance of content
  • [25:30] Biggest mistakes to avoid when growing a brand
  • [26:39] What’s next for The Snow Agency and where to find Daniel Snow online

How The Snow Agency helps to scale your business

Daniel Snow, Co-founder of The Snow Agency, joins the POD to give some insight on the digital marketing service and how to scale and grow a brand.

The Snow Agency is a full service digital marketing agency that offers unique digital strategies to help build your business.

Daniel recognized that when it comes to brand growth, it is important to not try and do everything yourself.

Creating a community and hiring people to help take the pressure off learning everything yourself creates an environment for success.

Content for advertising is recognized by his business as one of the most important aspects of building a business, and The Snow Agency works diligently to deliver this.

Sam recognizes that keeping the customer happy is a top priority, and incorporates this idea into his own brand.

Sometimes In DTC, it’s okay to ask for help

The Snow Agency stands out as a new but successful virtual marketing agency. It was founded two years ago, yet it’s a fast growing agency with an experienced team.

The agency has experienced continuous sustained growth by using their previous knowledge in the industry and iterating the importance of developing creative content for advertising.

Daniel’s approach to helping brands grow is analyzing potential subscription opportunities for customer retention creating strategies to keep the target audience focused on the brand.

The brand has fostered success for their clients by enabling marketing strategies to put the brand in a position of success.

Stay tuned as Daniel discusses common mistakes to avoid when growing a brand and how to locate and grow your target audience.

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Mentioned Links:

The Snow Agency’s website: https://thesnowagency.com/

Daniel Snow’s twitter: https://twitter.com/iamdansnow

Daniel Snow’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dapper/

Daniel Snow’s email: Dan@thesnowagency.com