Behind the scenes look at JUICE, a digital marketing agency's, rapid growth and helping brands (with co-founders Troy Osinoff and Mike Lisovetsky)

Troy Osinoff and Mike Lisovetsky have been building businesses since they were kids. Here's how they are using those learnings to build a fast-growing agency.

  1. “We’re a digital marketing agency but we've succeeded because we're thinking about the business from a partnership perspective rather than just buying media” @_Liso_ #DTCPOD
  2. We try to work with brands that we have long term partnerships with and really grow them.” @yo #DTCPOD
  3. “The importance of customer service is to actually develop those relationships with the consumer of your product.” @yo #DTCPOD
  4. “It's OK to fail, but it's not OK to fail and not learn from it.” @yo #DTCPOD
  5. “It's not just about getting the traffic and getting folks on the website. It’s about what those folks are seeing, what they’re thinking and what's getting them excited about the product or offer. @_Liso_ #DTCPOD

We Speak About:

  • [02:21] Troy and Mike introduce themselves and discuss previous business experience
  • [06:56] The business plan behind JUICE
  • [08:41] How the agency differentiates itself from the competition
  • [09:57] Elements of strategic advising
  • [12:58] A unique competitive edge through the customer experience
  • [14:39] Elements curating brand revenue growth
  • [16:30] Redefining what customer service means for the brand
  • [21:22] Putting money in where you get money out
  • [24:36] Advice on positioning your brand to get invested
  • [27:29] Tips to entrepreneurs when making mistakes
  • [29:19] What’s next for JUICE and where to find the brand, Troy Osinoff, and Mike Lisovetsky online

How JUICE differentiates itself as a digital marketing agency.

Troy Osinoff and Mike Lisovetsky, co-founders of JUICE, join the POD to give some insight on the business’s growth and customer experience strategies.

JUICE is a digital marketing agency that takes a modern approach to helping other brands grow.

Both co-founders recognized that their brand needed to step out of the traditional agency methods and work thoroughly with each brand to create actionable plans and a relentless approach.

An approach is taken in generating brand revenue growth through relationship building in channels primarily recognized as promotional tools.

Mike recognizes that it is important to create a community for your customers to provide feedback and have a personalized customer experience.

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all marketing strategy

JUICE is a digital marketing agency that takes a modern day approach to helping other brands scale their business

Troy and Mike curated this entrepreneurial opportunity through a well experienced past in business endeavors.

Both co-founders view their agency as a partnership with other businesses, and take a unique strategy of limiting their clientele to brands they believe they can grow.

Their brand takes a strategy to foster growth by implementing activities catered towards customer retention, with the idea in mind that activities meant to help a customer will result in positive feedback.

Troy recommends learning from your mistakes as an entrepreneur and using the experience to your benefit.

Stay tuned as both co-founders discuss their fund for JUICE and additional ways to scale a business.

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