How to launch a brand from $0 to $1M in the middle of a pandemic (with Oscar Adelman, Founder of Remi)

Launching a brand is hard. It's even harder during a pandemic. Here's how Oscar Adelman had the confidence to launch during a pandemic and find success.

  1. “My aha moment was when there was a middleman who was not really providing value. So we thought if we could find a way to go directly to the consumer, then we have a business.” @OscarAdelman #DTCPOD
  2. “I think we have the idea that if we're doing well now, we're really going to be able to crush it on the other side of this.” @OscarAdelman #DTCPOD
  3. “What sets you apart is the relationship that you build with the customer. And while we can't have the customer here in our office like the dentist does, we have to still find a way to build a relationship with them.” @OscarAdelman #DTCPOD
  4. That type of attention and type of care, it costs more, but the return on investment is high. ” @OscarAdelman #DTCPOD
  5. “One of my classes at NYU really focused on making us talk to customers. In that class, we had to go out and talk to strangers in Washington Sqaure Park to collect feedback. It wasn’t easy but it trained me well.” @OscarAdelman #DTCPOD

We Speak About:

  • [00:47] About Oscar and what led to starting Remi
  • [03:35] Introduction to Remi Nightguard
  • [05:23] Oscar’s launch strategy during pandemic
  • [08:19] Validating your product and getting it to customers
  • [10:49] How Oscar settled on the pricing structure for product
  • [13:54] Remi’s messaging vs drugstores
  • [17:19] Oscar’s outlook on customer experience
  • [19:25] Creating value with subscription service pricing
  • [26:18] Oscar’s use of testing to improve the business
  • [27:50] Oscar’s strategy in scaling the business to create high retention
  • [31:01] What’s next for Remi

To launch a brand in the middle of a pandemic, you have to execute strongly.

Oscar Adelman, Founder and CEO of Remi, joins the POD to talk about how he successfully launched a business during the pandemic, focusing on customer experience.

Oscar started Remi, a custom night guard, after being a teeth grinder for years, spending thousands of dollars on night guards from dentists.

He wanted to find a middle ground between the expensive night guards from the dentist and cheap drug store alternatives.

Just when he was ready to launch everything, the pandemic happened.

Oscar actually sees launching during the pandemic with a positive spin. He says that successfully launching during the pandemic means that they should be able to succeed outside of it.

Part of that success is driven by making a strong effort to get outside and talk to customers.

Creating a strong customer experience and relationship is important to building a strong brand.

Building the best customer experience was an important task for Oscar and his business.

Having the right message to position your product against competitors is an important part of building a successful brand.

Establishing a strong relationship with the customer creates a strong return on investment through their loyalty.

Stay tuned as Oscar shares how important it is to develop relationships, how to create repeat customers, and how to successfully grow your business (even in a pandemic).

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