Lessons from a three-time founder who has now built a $10M+ eCommerce business (with Edgar Blazona, founder of BenchMade Modern)

Starting a business for the first time can be difficult. So we talked to a serial enterpreneur, Edgar Blazona, to learn how to build a stronger business.

  1. “The Internet has created an easier way for brands to go to the public and sell their goods.” @edgar-blazona #DTCPOD
  2. “There's pitfalls and things that you pick up along the way and I think being a hands-on founder helps.” @edgar-blazona #DTCPOD
  3. “As we were brand building, we had a good story to tell, and we were producing great products in a short timeline. So we went after a lot of press to help amplify our story.” @edgar-blazona #DTCPOD
  4. “Having those storylines and continuing being something a little different than everyone else has paid off and really helped us grow.” @edgar-blazona #DTCPOD
  5. “When building a business you're going to have to be able to roll with the punches and take those highs and lows, because sometimes the lows are so low you want to give up and other times the highs are so high that you think you're going to rule the world.” @edgar-blazona #DTCPOD

We Speak About:

  • [00:53] Edgar introduces himself and Benchmade Modern
  • [02:18] How Edgar got started in the industry
  • [04:17] Changes in consumer behavior
  • [07:59] How the internet has benefited the furniture industry
  • [09:42] Past experience that led to success in the industry
  • [12:05] How one brand led to opportunities for another
  • [15:36] How supply chain efficiency was achieved
  • [17:53] Key factors that contributed to brand growth
  • [20:30] Advice to other entrepreneurs
  • [23:02] What’s next for Benchmade Modern and where to find Edgar Blazona online

How Benchmade Modern gained exponential growth through changes in consumer behavior

Edgar Blazona, founder of Benchmade Modern, joins the POD to discuss the direct-to-consumer business’s growth, brand differentiation, and how the industry has flourished in a technological era.

Benchmade Modern is a direct to consumer, custom upholstery business, focused on quality products and fast delivery.

Edgar recognized that when it comes to furniture shopping, the timeline between ordering a product and receiving it can take weeks to months.

To fill this gap, Edgar founded a furniture brand that creates and delivers high quality custom sofas without the extended wait.

Edgar offers a unique approach to the industry by growing in a construction family and learning the ins and outs as a manufacturer which led to his success as an entrepreneur.

He recognizes the importance the internet has on giving businesses like his a platform without relying on big furniture retail stores.

Sometimes in DTC, quick and efficient paves the way

Benchmade Modern stands out as an eCommerce furniture company that delivers custom products in an efficient time manner.

The brand has experienced exponential growth by developing from a consumer need and offering personalized products that would not be available in large retail furniture stores.

Edgar took an approach to achieving successful growth by getting his brand in the press early on to attract an audience.

The brand has also derived from previous entrepreneurship opportunities that have all centered around listening to the needs of his consumers.

Edgar recommends seeking honest investors and pushing through the highs and lows of developing a startup.

Stay tuned as Edgar discusses unanticipated business experiences that helped to develop his brands and advice to the entrepreneurs.

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Mentioned Links:

Benchmade Modern’s Website: https://benchmademodern.com/

Edgar Blazona’s Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/edgar-blazona