Huron's approach to tackling the growing men's skincare market (with Matt Mullenax, Co-Founder & CEO of Huron)

Before the past few years, the men's skincare market was just store brands. Now, DTC brands have entered the mix. Here's how Huron is becoming a leader in the space.

  1. “There's no ideal or perfect founder background. It's a collection of different experiences that ultimately bubble into a skill set that arms you to be strong in certain categories” @matt.mullenax #DTCPOD
  2. “We preach efficiency across everything that we do from supply chain to marketing to hiring.” @matt.mullenax #DTCPOD
  3. “We're trying to better serve the consumer who's been historically underserved for quite some time.” @matt.mullenax #DTCPOD
  4. “People are digging into the why behind brands, identifying the personality of brands and the personas who make up these brands. What exists behind the scenes people seem to be a lot more interested in and it gives us more runway” @irleslie #DTCPOD
  5. “You have to find some time to do the things that will keep you going for the long run.” @matt.mullenax #DTCPOD

We Speak About:

  • [00:48] Matt introduces himself and Huron
  • [06:38] How the brand developed and differentiated to cater to its target audience
  • [09:18] Past experience that has driven brand strategy
  • [12:36] Product positioning for an underserved market
  • [15:12] Curating a marketing strategy through brand persona
  • [17:14] The importance of risk mitigation
  • [18:48] How positive feedback turned brand testing into brand growth
  • [20:19] The fundraising strategy
  • [22:59] Advice to DTC founders
  • [25:35] Where to find Huron and Matt Mullenax online

Bringing a DTC brand to an underserved market

Matt Mullenax, co-founder and CEO of Huron, joins the POD to give some insight about his skincare company’s growth and marketing strategies.

Huron is a hair and skincare business catered towards men in a direct-to-consumer market.

Matt saw the beauty industry as a market underserved towards men, and developed products to better serve their needs.

He developed his products by forming a strong persona around his brand that derived from his own personal struggle with discovering effective skin and hair care products.

Huron’s differentiation and eCommerce product strategy

Huron stands out as a high-quality and affordable skin and hair care brand catered towards men. It is an eCommerce company paving its way in the beauty industry.

Matt noticed a disconnect between men and the beauty industry and created a brand to fill that gap. From packaging to effective formulas, the products are designed to meet the needs of a growing consumer.

Matt talks about how creating a brand persona is a leading factor in Huron’s marketing strategy, and offers advice to other DTC businesses on how to build a successful company.

Stay tuned as Matt discusses Huron’s marketing strategy and growth through the growing men’s skincare market.

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