How more content can help your brand grow

By creating more content, you learn more about what content performs best, stay top of mind, reach and convert new audiences, and stop ad fatigue.

  1. “There’s too much of an opportunity cost to not know how well your content is doing.” @ramongberrios #DTCPOD
  2. “As soon as you see content perform, you immediately want to know how to make it better.” @ramongberrios #DTCPOD
  3. “Producing more content means you can stay top of mind.” @jadesai94 #DTCPOD
  4. “The faster you can test, the more data you can test, and the better decisions you can make.” @ramongberrios #DTCPOD
  5. “People are going to go to McDonald’s not because of the burger, but because of the experience.” @ramongberrios #DTCPOD

We speak about:

  • [01:05] Why most brands need more content.
  • [04:40] Staying top of mind to keep consumers coming back.
  • [09:20] Tailoring your content to customer personas.
  • [11:18] Tagging your product in user-generated content.
  • [13:30] Creating experiences is what will ultimately convert customers.

Why You Need More Content

In this episode, Jay and Ramon talk about why you need more content for your brand.

The most obvious reason you need more content is that you really can’t afford to leave holes in your content delivery for your customers. Ramon says the opportunity cost is too great to not really know how well your content is doing.

Another immediate benefit of creating more content for your channel or brand is that it gives you more data. The more content you have the performs well, the more quickly you can analyze that and put out more content like it to grow your base.

You Need to Stay Fresh in the Customer’s Mind

Staying at the top of your customer’s mind is the goal. You want them to think of your brand before anyone else’s, and pushing more content can help you to do that.

A lot of times it’s hard to keep the flow up, but there are tools and agencies available (like Trend) to help you produce more content and stay in the conversation.

Agencies need to actually deliver value to their customers, so make sure whoever you hire to help drive content is actually creating value for you and your customers. Having a limitation of content may actually reduce your engagement, so think about that.

In other words, spending time researching the customer personas can help you to “segment” your content and target them directly. This kind of content production can lead to more customer conversions and more overall growth.

Crossover Between Influencers and Content Creators

In addition to your regular content, you need to look for ways to bring your content to different consumer markets. And you need more content in general to do this.

Look at the recent example of McDonald’s crossover campaign with Travis Scott. We don’t know how much that partnership cost McDonald’s, but we can probably assume it was less than trying to advertise directly to Travis Scott fans. The crossover of brands allows McDonald’s to sell that experience without even creating a new menu item. This also created content that mapped the entire customer journey and can be used to drive traffic.

Additionally, the more personalized your content is, the better. Pay attention to what your customers actually want, and make efforts to deliver that.

To sum up, the more content you have, the more you can do the following things: 1) learn about what content is performing, 2) create opportunities to stay in the minds of your customers, 3) successfully convert more consumers from other markets to ultimately grow your brand, and 4) reduce ad fatigue.

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