Breaking down NUGGS’ positioning, go to market strategy, website, and more

NUGGS is one of the fastest-growing DTC brands. With $10M+ in funding, NUGGS is quickly becoming a market leader. Here's their winning marketing strategy.

  1. “NUGGS takes user feedback, finds areas for improvement, and uses the feedback to develop new versions of the product.” @jadesai94 #DTCPOD
  2. “Most DTC brands ask for their customers’ phone number. NUGGS asks for your friend's phone number to create a unique referral loop.” @jadesai94 #DTCPOD
  3. “NUGGS does a great job of setting an expectation, driving anticipation, and delivering on the execution. And throughout that entire experience, the customer is the person that's at the center of it” @jadesai94 #DTCPOD
  4. “You want to make your story, their story. Treat them like living, breathing people that they are not just a customer order or an email in your database.” @jadesai94 #DTCPOD
  5. “You've got to have strong messaging, clear call to action, keep that thing simple. You have an easy path to be able to buy. ” @jadesai94 #DTCPOD
  6. “You don't need to talk to everybody. Talk to a niche and really double down. Those are the people that are going to turn into those brand loyalists and super fans.” @jadesai94 #DTCPOD

We Speak About:

  • [00:45] About NUGGS and its founder
  • [02:50] NUGGS unique positioning strategy and market presence
  • [05:10] Breaking down the NUGGS website
  • [07:15] The tech stack for NUGGS
  • [08:35] NUGGS’ unique referral system
  • [09:55] How NUGGS crushes email
  • [11:05] NUGGS target audience
  • [12:30] Where does NUGGS focus on social media
  • [13:20] What else is NUGGS doing to grow
  • [13:50] Key takeaways from NUGGS

This isn’t your ordinary chicken nugget

We’re covering one of the hottest brands in DTC - NUGGS, a plant-based chicken brand.

NUGGS was founded by Ben Pasternak. Before NUGGS, Pasternak was an iPhone game developer.

NUGGS is targeting millennials and Gen Z people, using irreverent, witty, unapologetically tech-forward branding.

NUGGS are continuously being updated, like software, by food scientists and engineers.

NUGGS uniquely describe themselves as the “Tesla of Chicken,” creating a brand identity that has never been seen before.

Their website furthers this unique identity, having only 3 options of nuggets to purchase: $34.99, $44.99, and $10,000.

NUGGS also has a beta testing, monthly subscription-based system, offering more unique ways to purchase their product.

Be like NUGGS - focus on creating strong messaging towards your specific target market

NUGGS tries to treat their customers as actual people, rather than data points.

They understand their specific market is trendy vegans/vegetarians and rich suburban moms and focuses on them.

They definitely don’t market towards everyone and it helps create strong brand loyalty.

NUGGS is big on multiple social media platforms which helps them spread their message to their specific target.

Stay tuned as Jay breaks down NUGGS’ positioning, go to market strategy, unique audience approach.

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