Optimizing Google Tag Manager for eCommerce brands

Need help optimizing your eCommerce website? We sat down with Brad Redding, a Google Tag Manager expert, to talk about creating better funnels with GTM.

Plug up leaks in your eCommerce fuel with these Google Tag Manager tips.

In this episode, Jay is joined by Brad Redding, Co-Founder of Elevar.

Elevar is a platform that helps eCommerce brands better understand their marketing analytics through automation.

In this podcast, Brad walks us through some common errors in Google Tag Manager for eCommerce brands and what are the most important events to track for.

He also discusses events that can help move the needle for brands.

One interesting feature of Google Tag Manager is tracking coupon codes across pages. This could be especially useful for users using creators and influencers like the ones on Trend.

For more information on Elevar, visit: https://www.getelevar.com/.

To download Elevar’s chrome extension for GTM tagging check out: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/elevar-gtm-event-builder/aanpkkmackhljjnbcopdoidpdjngfooc?hl=en-US