How to pick the right creator for your influencer campaign

Followers aren't the only thing you should care about when picking a creator. Here are some other factors you should consider when picking an influencer.

  1. “Micro-influencers have a deeper connection with their followers.” @jhcjr_ #DTCPOD
  2. “Content that is produced on social channels by creators tends to be more authentic.” @jhcjr_ #DTCPOD
  3. “Make sure the expectations to the creator are clear and concise.” @jhcjr_ #DTCPOD
  4. “Focus on the content that your creator has produced in the past.” @jhcjr_ #DTCPOD
  5. “Find creators that have an audience that is perfect for your brand.” @jhcjr_ #DTCPOD

We speak about:

  • [02:05] How to pick the best creators
  • [09:15] The importance of high-quality content
  • [14:00] The most important things needed to produce a successful campaign
  • [17:30] Exactly how many creators your business should be using

Today, Jamie Catanach, head of customer success for Trend, joins the show. Trend is the leading destination for brands looking to work with creators and produce high-quality content.

How To Pick The Best Creators For Your Brand

When a brand is looking to work with a creator, they first need to think about their goals. Are you working on brand awareness or are you trying to get sales for your business? Setting goals upfront is an essential part of the process.

Creators and influencer marketing is a great way to build brand awareness, but it’s also a driving force for brands to get a massive amount of content for their business.

Micro-influencers are talented and can deliver great social proof to your audience.

For content-driven campaigns, the content aesthetic is an important factor. Your creator should fit the persona of your ideal customer. That way, the content can seamlessly flow on your website and social media channels and appear natural.

If you’re trying to drive sales through influencer marketing, include discount codes and affiliate links. Here you may need to be more focused on engagement numbers, rates, and follower counts.

High-Quality Content Is Critical For Your Campaigns

As a bi-product of working with creators, you will also receive brand awareness. Other consumers may purchase and tag your products in their photos, delivering more social proof.

High-quality content is always essential. You want to make sure that the little things are right – the content should be well lit, and the product should be clear. Make sure you take a look at your creators' past content to ensure their work is ideal for what you need.

The content that really wins is authentic content – it looks like your friend made it.

Authentic content converts at a higher level in the right channels than something created in a professional studio.

Stay tuned as we talk about the essential things necessary to produce a successful campaign, the importance of setting expectations, and how many creators your business should be using based on size.

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