Planning for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

If you want to have a successful Black Friday Cyber Monday, you need to plan in advance. Here are some tips on how to win BFCM and how creators can help.

  1. “Work with some of your best creators and influencers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.” @jhcjr_ #DTCPOD
  2. “When someone sees your product in the hands of a creator, that social proof can speak volumes.” @jhcjr_ #DTCPOD
  3. “When you are partnering with content creators, leverage that content in email marketing.” @jhcjr_ #DTCPOD
  4. “FOMO is a great way to generate conversions for your business.” @jhcjr_ #DTCPOD
  5. “Make sure you repurpose content from creators.” @jhcjr_ #DTCPOD

We speak about:

  • [03:00] Make a campaign plan for Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • [07:10] Meet your customers where they are
  • [08:55] The importance of email marketing
  • [10:45] Why you should partner with a creator for the holidays
  • [18:30] The latest day you can start your campaign for Black Friday

Today, Jamie Catanach, head of customer success for Trend, joins the show. Trend is the leading destination for brands looking to work with creators and produce high-quality content.

You need a campaign plan for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

COVID is changing how Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) will look in 2020. People are more hesitant to shop in person – they are more interested in making purchases online.

Thirty percent of annual retail sales happen between Black Friday and Christmas – the holiday season is HUGE for businesses.

Make sure that you have a plan in action ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

How do you start a plan? First, set your goals. It’s essential to know what you are trying to achieve during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

We are a few weeks out from BFCM – get focused on it sooner rather than later. Think about the plan you can put in place. It’s never too soon to set things in motion.

Sixty-seven percent of shoppers intend to buy online this year because of the pandemic. As a result, you should increase your focus on digital presence efforts, even if you have a brick and mortar location. Make sure you have a strategy for this holiday season.

Working With Creators For The Holidays

Working with creators and influencers is an essential piece of the puzzle for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing. They can help you get in front of your customers and your audience.

Your goal should be to spread word of mouth, social proof, and generate website traffic to create conversions.

If your product is suitable for gifting, make sure that your customers know that. Use your influencers to do an unboxing. You can also create exclusive discounts for your creators.

When your product is in the creator's hand, it can provide social proof for your company. You can also repurpose this content in paid ads. You will create more touchpoints that can end in conversion as a result.

Most brands will be discounting their items, so why not work with an influencer and creator to promote a discount and create great content? It will help you stand out from your competition.

When you run a Black Friday campaign, you want to reach the most amount of people.

Overall, creators and influencers are great partners for the holidays. Jamie says it can be a cheaper option because the cost for paid ads this year will be higher due to the US election. With Trend, you can activate micro-influencers at $100 a pop (and you keep the rights to the content too).

Stay tuned as we talk about the importance of repurposing content and the latest day you should start your campaign.