Reinventing an existing product and category (with Sam Nebel, founder of Goodwipes)

Quip, Harry's, Dollar Shave Club, and Goodwipes are all reinventing existing products and categories. We share the secrets on how they are doing it.

  1. “Even if it’s just one or two degrees of innovation, being slightly innovative allows a brand to connect with people in a different, unique, and authentic way.” @goodwipes #DTCPOD
  2. “Any category that you go into is going to be competitive, whether that's online or in brick and mortar. Most likely, there will be something that exists that’s somewhat similar to what you are trying to achieve.” @goodwipes #DTCPOD
  3. “What made us most productive in our conversations with retailers was having a strong founder story and backing it up with market research and analytics.” @goodwipes #DTCPOD
  4. “Great brands need great operating teams. The brands that survive have great operating teams whether they make millions or thousands.” @goodwipes #DTCPOD
  5. “I see competition as a positive because it helps validate that the market exists.” @goodwipes #DTCPOD

We Speak About:

  • [01:05] About Sam
  • [01:20] About Goodwipes
  • [03:05] Why Sam and Charlie started Goodwipes
  • [07:25] Sam and Charlie’s path to founding Goodwipes
  • [08:55] How Sam and Charlie put together the money to start Goodwipes
  • [10:20] How Goodwipes became a category leader
  • [13:00] Sam’s thoughts on why we’re seeing a product reinvention revolution
  • [16:05] Sam’s advice for getting your product in retail
  • [19:10] What Sam thinks is possible for other brands looking to do product reinvention
  • [21:10] How Sam is staying ahead of competitors
  • [23:55] Sam’s advice for others trying to do product reinvention
  • [25:50] Brands and people that Sam follows and looks up to
  • [28:55] Sam’s advice for overcoming challenges
  • [30:15] What’s next for Goodwipes

How to reinvent an existing product in a category that hasn’t seen much innovation

Sam Nebel, Founder of Goodwipes, joins the POD to talk about product reinvention. Sam knows a thing or two about product reinvention.

His company, Goodwipes, sells disposable wipes.

Even though disposable wipes have been around for a while, Sam and his Co-founder Charlie decided to take a stab at reinventing the space.

No one was really innovating in disposable wipes so they decided to bring their wipes to the market as a high-quality, premium, and eco-friendly option.

To bring a better product to the market, Sam and Charlie spent a good part of a year doing research and development.

To reinvent a product category, you need more than a great founder story

The part that put Sam and Charlie over the top was their attention to understanding the market. They had a fantastic founder story, but to convince retailers they needed more.

Their understanding of the toilet paper market and how they could acquire customers was a big reason that retailers decided to supply their products.

Sam and Charlie also had a great understanding of shoppers. They knew that many adults really didn’t want to shop for disposable wipes but were open to more brands that were value-driven.

Goodwipes was able to capitalize on that market gap to grow.

Even though Goodwipes had a first-mover advantage, they are constantly working to grow and maintain their share of the market.

Stay tuned as Sam discusses his thoughts on product reinvention, whether there is still space to reinvent products, and how Goodwipes is staying ahead of competition.

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