The secrets behind over $100M in SMS revenue in DTC (with Arri Bagah, founder and CEO of Conversmart and managing director of DTC DAY)

Ever wondered what the best DTC brands do for SMS marketing? Arri Bagah, who owns agency an agency doing $100M+ in revenue for brands, shares text marketing secrets.

  1. “I built my first website off of code.” @arribagah #DTCPOD
  2. “Making it seem like you're having a one to one conversation is the best way to approach SMS marketing.” @arribagah #DTCPOD
  3. “We want to find the balance between sending relevant content and still directing people to the website.” @arribagah #DTCPOD
  4. “My work at DTC DAY is really about bringing together great marketers on stage, getting a lot of sponsors on board, and putting together a great event.” @arribagah #DTCPOD
  5. “We've sent out over one hundred and seventy five million text messages, we know what works.” @arribagah #DTCPOD

We Speak About:

  • [01:35] Arri introduces himself Conversmart, and DTC DAY
  • [05:17] SMS strategies to connect with customers
  • [08:05] Text bots vs conversational text marketing
  • [11:50] How to optimize and personalize the SMS experience
  • [14:13] Utilizing SMS as more than a buying platform
  • [16:53] Platform recommendations
  • [18:04] Flows that work for SMS marketing
  • [22:21] Customer support and SMS marketing
  • [24:37] How Conversmart supports brands’ SMS styes
  • [26:26] Brands crushing SMS marketing
  • [27:51] Strategies to get subscribers
  • [29:55] the future of DTC DAY
  • [32:00] What’s next for Arri Bagah and where to find him, Conversmart, and DTC DAY online

How Conversmart scales brand’s SMS revenue

Arri Bagah, founder and CEO of Conversmart and managing director of DTC DAY, joins the POD to give some insight on SMS marketing and a platform that brings together successful marketers

Conversmart is is text marketing agency for DTC brands that generates incremental revenue

Arri recognizes that SMS marketing should be a platform that goes beyond promoting sales and creates a more personalized interaction

Conversmart’s approach allows brands to implement their own SMS ideas and then guides this strategy to generate higher conversion and click through rates

Arri views SMS marketing as an intimate platform that should engage the customer with fun content to navigate them to the brand’s website.

SMS Marketing in DTC is about building relationships with subscribers

Conversmart stands out as an digital SMS marketing agency that has sent over 175,000,000 text messages and generated more than $100 Million in incremental revenue for clients

The agency generates this growth by viewing SMS marketing as more than a platform to offer discounts and implements creative content to attract buyers

Arri also implements his knowledge from running DTC DAY, a marketers conference where strategies for success are shared

We take a look at Conversmart agency from a support side and a client side, breaking down flow platforms and what not to do with SMS marketing

Arri recommends being personalized, keeping it pretty short, using GIFs, and illustrating products to optimize the SMS experience

Stay tuned as Arri discusses what to include in SMS marketing to generate big money, what to avoid to curate higher profits, and more on DTC DAY

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