How to sell better on Amazon

Not selling on Amazon yet? Chris Moe shares why you should and how to optimize your product listings. DTC brands need to sell on their site and Amazon.

Bump up your revenue with these tips to sell better on Amazon!

In this episode, Jay is joined by Chris Moe, COO and Co-Founder of Cartograph.

Cartograph is an eCommerce focused agency that helps organic and natural CPG brands sell their products on Amazon.

Chris joins us on the podcast to discuss how to sell better on Amazon. He walks us through how most of the value on Amazon is created upstream and what that means.

We also discuss what you need to have in place before you sell on Amazon, why you need to sell on Amazon, and what product offerings work best on Amazon.

Chris also talks about why there shouldn’t be much concern about Amazon cannibalizing your sales and what metrics signal success on Amazon.

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