An inside look at how Little and Lively Clothing did $250k sales in 24 hours with no ads (with Jordan West)

A great milestone for any eCommerce brand is launching a product without ads and generating tons of sales. Here's how Jordan West, Co-Owner of Little and Lively did just that.

  1. “We had another launch within the first hour. We did one hundred and fifty thousand dollars of sales and then we sold out.” @jordan-west-marketer #DTCPOD
  2. “You're either going to pay with your time or you're going to pay with your money to the big platforms.” @jordan-west-marketer #DTCPOD
  3. “People that like the same product love to be validated in their choices, and when you gather everybody together in a VIP group, they're validating each other.” @jordan-west-marketer #DTCPOD
  4. “A great way to get feedback is by running post-purchase surveys.” @jordan-west-marketer #DTCPOD
  5. “Build that gathered community where people can talk back and forth among themselves and create something bigger than you could create by just advertising to them.” @jordan-west-marketer #DTCPOD

We Speak About:

  • [01:09] Jordan introduces himself and Mindful Marketing
  • [05:42] How minimal advertising became profitable
  • [07:07] How having a VIP Facebook group led to higher sales
  • [12:46] The strategy for obtaining initial users
  • [14:18] Sustainable group growth
  • [15:53] How to run a successful product launch while building an audience
  • [17:06] How gathering consumers together generates brand buzz
  • [18:44] Utilizing post-purchase surveys
  • [21:00] Mixing up the product launch strategy
  • [22:22] Strategies for increasing customer lifetime value
  • [24:32] The benefits of utilizing consumer-generated content
  • [26:46] Tips on how to grow and scale your business
  • [28:08] Where to find Mindful Marketing, and Jordan West online

How one brand supercharges growth with a Facebook Group

Jordan West, agency owner of Mindful Marketing and co-owner of Little and Lively clothing, joins the POD to give some insight on the direct-to-consumer business’s growth, marketing strategy, and customer retention.

Mindful Marketing is a digital marketing service aimed to help businesses find customers. This company derived out of the strategies that were used to market his own clothing company, Little and Lively.

Jordan recognizes that when it comes to brand promotion, product launches are a valuable way to generate business and increase profit.

To initiate this marketing strategy, Jordan produces gated and ungated launches to keep customers excited and ready.

A beneficial approach was taken by utilizing a VIP Facebook group to centralize customers, which has created a platform for customer feedback and consumer-generated content. This entail has led to higher profits.

Jordan values the feedback from his consumers and knows that building a loyal following is a key strategy for building a brand.

Sometimes in DTC, let the people do the talking

Mindful Marketing stands out as an online service agency that was created to help others grow a business, by using marketing experience from their own clothing company.

Jordan takes a unique approach to achieve successful growth by limiting costly advertising and benefiting from consumer-generated content.

The brand favors a VIP Facebook group, which has given customers a platform to promote and provide feedback on products as well as get premium access to gated product launches and limited offers.

Jordan recommends continually developing new products and establishing a goal with your advertising besides driving straight purchases.

Stay tuned as Jordan discusses how building a gathered community creates profit and additional techniques to promote products.

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