Fantastic emails and texts: How to pre-fill carts for SMS with Shopify and Season Three's frictionless sales pitch

Need a way to increase conversions or ease concerns for buying your products? Use pre-filled Shopify cart links (permalinks) or add free return shipping.

  1. “Mentioning free shipping and returns is something that can help to ease buyer concerns.” @jayde3sai #DTCPOD
  2. “Put together a link strategy for sending pre-filled carts via text using Shopify permalinks.” @jayde3sai #DTCPOD

We Speak About:

  • [00:46] Season Three email strategy to ease buyer concern
  • [02:58] Shopify’s SMS link strategy

Try this email from Season Three and this SMS link strategy from Shopify

In today’s episode of fantastic emails and texts, we’re looking at content from Season Three and a great SMS tip if you have Shopify.

Season Three is a brand that creates contemporary apparel influenced by art culture and an outdoor ethos, while our Shopify tip comes from Brian Dickey at Postscript.

Season Three sends out a great informative email, while this Shopify tip is awesome for an SMS strategy that utilizes url links.

Stay tuned as we dive into an awesome email from Season Three and an easy access SMS strategy for Shopify stores.

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