DTC Finds: Winning SMS strategies for BFCM and breaking down Nik Sharma's landing page guide

Looking to put together a winning strategy for Black Friday Cyber Monday? Here's an SMS strategy to steal plus landing page ideas for your BFCM ads.

  1. “A really good strategy that you can do with SMS heading into Black Friday Cyber Monday is sending an email push for SMS sign ups for early access.” @jayde3sai #DTCPOD
  2. “SMS is very different than email, in the sense that SMS messages should be more skimmable than email.” @jayde3sai #DTCPOD

We Speak About:

  • [00:41] Strategies to boost SMS sales and sign ups
  • [04:51] Optimizing the landing page and DTC examples

BFCM SMS sign up strategies plus a big landing page guide

In today’s episode of DTC Finds, we’re looking at a great Twitter thread discussing strategies for boosting SMS sales during black friday cyber monday and elements to add to the landing page.

We'll dive into the landing page guide from Nik Sharma and we’ll provide real DTC examples of how they improved elements of their landing pages.

Stay tuned as we break down this twitter thread and learn more about how to optimize your landing page.

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Mentioned Links:

BFCM SMS strategies: https://twitter.com/DTCNewsletter/status/1453727946342998029

Landing page guide from Nik Sharma: https://nik.co/resources/landing-page-guide