Breaking down winning TikTok strategies from brands crushing it on the video platform

The top DTC brands on TikTok are crushing it, averaging almost 360 million hashtag views. How are they doing it? We breakdown their marketing strategy.

  1. “The strategy that's been gaining more traction recently is engaging brand created content.” @jadesai94 #DTCPO
  2. “Accounts creating content around their domain of expertise creates views and followers that translates over into an owned audience” @jadesai94 #DTCPOD

We Speak About:

  • [00:42] Jay shares a resource on fastest growing brands on TikTok
  • [01:45] Brand content strategies
  • [03:05] Which strategies are gaining and losing traction
  • [04:23] Brand categories leading the way on TikTok
  • [05:50] Translating an analysis on TikTok brands

A behind the scenes look at the top eCommerce brands on TikTok

Online brand promotion offers the advantage of exposing your brand to a wide variety of demographics at a low cost, and TikTok is one of many media outlets that can provide this.

Jay discusses an analysis of the top 50 brands growing on TikTok and their strategies used to achieve growth.

Key takeaways include what strategies are gaining and losing traction, and what methods are gaining a high turnover rate for followers.

Stay tuned as Jay dives into the different categories of brands and which ones are dominating the social media platform.

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