Tips from a rising star in the DTC space on growth, product launches, CX, and personal brand (with Lillie Sun from Three Ships Beauty)

There are a lot of things for DTC brands to cover for growth. Lillie Sun, who runs growth at Three Ships Beauty, shares her thoughts on how brands can grow.

  1. “In the first couple of months we focused on getting everything up and running, and as we've grown a little bit, it's more so figuring out which one of these verticals is worth us investing more time and resources to. @Lillie__Sun #DTCPOD
  2. “All small brands can really benefit from investing in customer experience” @Lillie__Sun #DTCPOD
  3. “The customer journey is all about awareness, acquisition and retention.” @Lillie__Sun #DTCPOD
  4. For us, it's all about aligning the campaign on the core product and the core benefit, and making sure that comes across in all elements of the campaign.” @Lillie__Sun #DTCPOD
  5. “Having a community ambassador program is a great way to get that one on one communication with your customers in a timely fashion. They feel they're involved and you don't have to do so much guessing because you're getting that feedback from them.” @Lillie__Sun #DTCPOD

We Speak About:

  • [02:16] Lillie introduces herself and Three Ships Beauty
  • [03:54] Setting a business foundation and seeing what works
  • [06:02] Testing different marketing channels through trial and error
  • [08:14] Elements outside of digital marketing that led to brand growth
  • [12:59] Testing and tweaking the SMS marketing strategy
  • [16:56] How Three Ships Beauty segments the market
  • [19:38] Steps to optimize the customer experience
  • [24:06] How to enhance product promotion
  • [19:09] The company’s successful approach for achieving customer retention
  • [26:46] A unique strategy for product launching
  • [30:53] Benefits of an ambassador program
  • [35:01] The process for implementing technology and resources for brand growth
  • [37:31] What’s next for Three Ships Beauty and where to find Lillie Sun online

Three Ships Beauty steps to startup success

Lillie Sun, leader of growth for Three Ships Beauty, joins the POD to give some insight on the direct-to-consumer business’s growth, product launches, and the customer journey.

Three Ships Beauty is a Skincare brand that creates effective, natural, and affordable products.

Lily recognized that when it comes to startups, implementing an ambassador program will help the brand to effectively engage with their customers and organically drive awareness, leading to growth.

A unique approach was taken for product launches by limiting a creative marketing that would not exemplify what the product is about, and instead focus on orienting the campaign on the core product and benefit.

Lillie recognizes that in the first stages of growth, it’s okay for your brand to test out everything to see what works and then dial down and what processes are delivering the most benefits.

In DTC, it pays to be personable

Three Ships Beauty stands out as an eCommerce skincare company that develops 100% natural plant derived products at an affordable price.

The brand has experienced growth by experimenting with numerous marketing channels to see what works and curating a personable customer experience.

Lillie takes a unique approach to achieving growth by not only personalizing the customer experience but also the product through a skincare quiz on their website.

The brand takes additional steps to personalize their brand by segmenting their SMS channel into categories, based on what their consumers would like to hear.

Lillie recommends having a good foundation in business experience before jumping into growth roles.

Stay tuned as Lillie discusses non-digital marketing factors that led to growth why you don’t always need to be too creative with your marketing strategy.

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