Why unifying your departments and data could be the biggest growth level you pull (with Julie Bernard, Chief Marketing Officer at Tradeswell)

Today's top DTC and eCommerce brands unify their data across departments to drive growth. If your organization is siloed, you could have leaks in your marketing funnel.

  1. “You need one single unified environment to manage your businesses” @jbernard23 #DTCPOD
  2. “There's such a connectivity between how a digital commerce grows, and you really need to have all of that data in one environment.” @jbernard23 #DTCPOD
  3. “The digital commerce landscape has changed in terms of consumer expectations for speed and shipping costs.” @jbernard23 #DTCPOD
  4. “There's a great opportunity, I think, for innovation still with meeting that need for discoverability and experience for consumers.” @jbernard23 #DTCPOD
  5. “Everything can be measured. That's the beauty of digital.” @jbernard23 #DTCPOD

We Speak About:

  • [00:59] Julie introduces herself and Tradeswell
  • [02:47] Marketing and how it relates to other departments of the business
  • [05:40] Recording data and what to do with it
  • [08:33] Key differences in how consumers buy
  • [12:43] importance of embracing technology
  • [16:24] The present and future role of AI
  • [20:07] Businesses sizes and technology
  • [22:07] internal business strategies to implement before technology
  • [24:51] Key learnings working with brands post-pandemic
  • [28:12] What’s next for Tradeswell and where to find the brand, and Julie Bernard

How Tradeswell helps brands create profit through data

Julie Bernard, Chief Marketing Officer of Tradeswell, joins the POD to give some insight on the business’s actionable insights, customer experience, and marketing data & technology

Tradeswell is a company that helps brands unify data, leverage AI-generated insights and accelerate essential decisions to empower growth across the digital commerce landscape.

Julie realizes that to empower growth across the digital commerce landscape, the data and business operations function better when unified.

A unique approach is taken by creating a quantitative trading platform that implements real-time algorithms and insights, to uncover and execute the optimal actions companies need to grow

Julie recognizes that technology can help small businesses operate at the same level of sophistication as their larger business counterparts.

Understanding you data, and drawing insights from it, is key to growth

Tradeswell stands out as a platform that simplifies the process for a brand to visualize the whole picture of their ecommerce business, while leveraging machine learning to receive insights and cross-channel operations.

The company understands that the technologies that are out there are more cost effective, accessible, and sophisticated than ever, and the brand works to help others make informed decisions

Julie takes the approach of integrating actionable insights and team empowerment to achieve success within the business

She further acknowledges that just because it can be measured through data, does not mean that it should

Julie recommends to to draw some conclusions and have insights on the data that you do have rather than being on a perpetual pursuit of perfection

Stay tuned as Julie discusses AI and post-pandemic business learnings.

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Mentioned Links:

Tradeswell Website: https://www.tradeswell.com/

Julie Bernard’s Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/jbernard23